10 Ancient Buildings That Went Through Horrible Makeovers and Changed Into a Disaster


It is a common situation that those buildings from old times, buildings which has historical and architectural value, need to be renewed time to time. It is inevitable due to the effect of weather and climate changes on them. And it is okay.

We can understand the fact that old things need some reinforcement if we want them to last long right? But the point is, it has to done by under supervision of the expert of the subject. Like architectures and historians and, you know, ‘experts’.

If you are one of those actual experts, please don’t continue reading this; or you might get severe heart break. Even you people who have passion about architecture, better be cautious on what you are about to witness below.

#1 Maybe They Needed More Room In That Building?


#2 Black? Seriously?


#3 Being Modern Does Not Require That Kind Of Change


#4 At Least They Saved The Tower

L’évolution du patrimoine bâti

#5 Looks Like That Building Fell From Sky

L’évolution du patrimoine bâti

#6 They Must Have Loved Old Colors

L’évolution du patrimoine bâti

#7 Well Now They Have A Really Modern Building; But At What Cost?


#8 Look, They Kept That Pillar

Szawel Sauliazauras

#9 They Could Have Destroyed Some Less Significant Building Don’t You Think?

City of Toronto Archives

#10 It Is Just A Box Now


So what do you think of these transformations? Do you think it is okay to get rid of old things that contains so much memories? Or do you think they could have done better job on them? They might be had their own fair reasons to do so. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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