10 Pictures To Remind Us How Amazing Squirrels Are


Some villagers do not like squirrels at all. Yes. According to them they are pests, just like opossums or moles. These squirrels are called “big rats with fluffy tails”. Well, these small creatures steal a few nuts or seeds from the bird feeder or bite a wire, but they should be loved more.

Squirrels are very much intelligent animals. For instance, they are famous for putting bogus food burying to make onlookers deceived, and these fake burials of food trick the thieves — just like other squirrels and birds–to make them think their food store is buried there. Yet these creatures are much adorable. It doesn’t matter whether these little fellows are busy having a snack or running up and down a tree, and they make every little thing they come across cute and silly.

Some of the best posts of squirrels were put together on the internet to make you do appreciate these furry looking ambassadors of the wild, so it makes scrolling down enjoyable. Scroll down and enjoy the images of these marvellous creatures and upvote your faves.

#1 I’ve Never Seen A Baby Squirrel But I’m No Longer Disappointed.


#2 These Small Friends Use The Side Of The Window As A Part Of Their Nest.


Squirrels range in a lot of sizes, from the African pygmy squirrel of 10–14cm (3.9-5.5 inches) in total length and just 12 – 26 g (0.42-0.92 oz ) in weight, to the Bhutan giant flying squirrel upto 1.27 m (4 ft 2 inches) total length, and various marmot species, that can have a weight of 8 kg ( 18 lb ) or more.

The most commonly recognized type of squirrels are tree squirrels, and they are mostly captured and recorded beautifully scampering up and down from branch to branch. They are seen everywhere from the woods to city parks showing their terrific ability of climbing, they do land on the ground in search of food like acorns, flowers, berries and nuts. Barks, eggs, or baby birds are also their food. But some of these squirrels feed on the tree sap since it’s their favourite.

#3 Met This One In Achankovil Forest Kerala, India.


Most other species are ground squirrels which live in burrows or tunnels, in places where their hibernation occurs in winter. These squirrels feed on leaves, seeds, nuts, roots and other plants. They catch other small animals such as insects and caterpillars for food. Anyway, these tiny creatures are to be wary since they are delicate food for many other animals and possess only a few natural defensive methods.

The third type of squirrel is the flying squirrel. They live a little bit similar to birds in nests or holes. Though they do not fly, they are able to move across the sky extremely with gracefulness. These flying squirrels can glide, expanding their limbs and cruising through the air from tree to tree. A winglike surface, which supports them to leap over 150 feet is provided by the flaps of skin which are connecting the limbs to the body. These flying squirrels are not fed on nuts and fruit and insects.

Similar to other rodents, the squirrels too have front teeth which never stop the growth, so that they don’t have to worry about their constant crunching on things.

#4 An Old Lady Who Uses A Marionette Of Herself To Feed Her Tiny Friends In The Park.


#5 Some Squirrels Were In A Tree And I Noticed That They Were Glued Together.


When I climbed about 20 feet up a tree, I observed that they weren’t fighting but they were stuck. The tails of the three were attached to each other. So I climbed to them and had them into my bucket and brought them back to the ground to check what I had to do.

To my surprise, there were three squirrels buried in. I understood that the nest was made out of insulation and dryer lint of pine, and the sticky sap had glued them together.

I had to pull some of the insulation away, but had to do it slowly since the sap was so thick and it was pulling the hair off the tiny tails.

Yes, it was unbelievable! The creatures were extremely calm throughout the work which was going through. I had to use some warm water and scissors to loosen the sap and to take the insulation out of them. The last squirrel which was to rescue was very friendly and I was able to capture some cute pictures with him.

#6 Superhero Landings Of Some Squirrels.

isr3104, Johnny Kääpä

#7 This Is The First Time I Witnessed A Pregnant Squirrel. I’m Not Sure About What I Expected But This Overtaken All Of It.


#8 This Sleepy Albino Squirrel Was Caught On Cam By My Wife.


#9 This Is The Bar Which I Made For Squirrels.


#10 Here’s Gary Which Is About 5-7 Weeks Old. Gary Is A Red Squirrel Which I’m Rehabbing. This Is Gary’s First Time Out In The Yard. Looks As If Gary Loves It.

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