10 Places On Planet Earth That Look Like A Door To The Underground World


There are some instances where the different landscapes of the Earth make us astonished with their great depths. Some of these spellbinding landscapes are natural while some are man-made. Local and foreign tourists visit these places to get nice photos while the scientists and mystics keep arguing about the origin of these places.

Scroll down and enjoy the pictures of 10 Places that seem to be portals to the underworld. Read the article and let us know your ideas and desires about these 10 places through your comments.

1# Gates of Hell (Darvaza), Turkmenistan

Credits: outravel

This is a gas crater that was made by man. It is also called the “Gates of Hell”. The fire lit in 1971 is still burning for about 50 years there. A ground collapse has occurred while drilling and it has made the natural gas come out. The fire was lit in order to prevent the harm for the locals. But, the calculations were way off and the flames lit continuously reaching more than 3 feet in height.

The diameter of the hole is around 200 ft and the depth of it is 65 ft approximately.

2# St. Patrick’s Well, Orvieto, Italy

Famous well in Orvieto Italy – architecture background – © depositphotos

This was built with the intention of providing the city with water during the siege. And also it was built under the patronage of the church. They started this giant construction back in 1527 when Pope Clement VII settled in Orvieto after the sack of Rome. Water transportation to the Albornoz fortress by mules during a siege has been done using this.

3# Crater of Mount Yasur, Vanuatu Island

This is the burning lava lake that is located inside the Mount Marum active crater in the 8x12km wide Ambrym island’s volcanic caldera of the New Hebrides Volcanic Arch. Malampa province-Vanuatu. – © depositphotos

This is a very active volcano located on Vanuatu Island. The last eruption occurred in 2017. The ancient tribal groups on the island believe the existence of an ancient deity in the crater of the volcano. They believe that this deity gets furious if bothered. Therefore, only shamans and elders are allowed to go up to the volcano.

Of course, tourists too climb Yasur, since it is one of the reachable volcanoes on Earth. Moreover, the movie CZ12 was also shot there in 2012.

4# Great Blue Hole, the Belize Barrier Reef

Image by Viator

This enormous marine sinkhole has a diameter of about 1,000 feet and a depth of about 400 feet. This is a natural formation that attracts divers to seek for its mystery. Unfortunately, many divers lose their lives here. Therefore, it is also named as the “diver’s cemetery.” Most of the divers experience a sad ending due to lack of controlling their skills in a correct way. Only the experienced divers have succeeded in saving their lives.

5# The Inverted Tower of Masons, Portugal

The interior walls decorated with moss resemble underground towers lined with stone stairs. This had been served for the ceremonial purposes of initiation rites. Quinta da Regaleira. Sintra. Portugal – © Depositphotos
Credits: dain_photo_travel

A mysterious well was constructed at the beginning of the last century in Sintra which is a town situated in Portugal. This particular well serves as a transition from darkness to light. The spiral staircase inside the well is symbolic of the passage of the circles of hell or heaven, depending on the direction that you go. Masons had used this well to perform initiation rites a long time ago. This well is extremely strange and impressive. A 10-story building could fit into it accurately.

6# Spillway in a dam’s reservoir, Northern California

Credits: bureau_of_reclamation

This is considered as the largest man-made hole in the world and it is located in the United States in Northern California.

The spillway of the reservoir astonishes us and it crashes down tons of water through the hole in just a few seconds. This giant and unbelievable construction was built half a century ago. Yet, it induces great feelings in the minds of tourists from all over the world.

The reservoir is undoubtedly beautiful with a terrifying heavy flow of water in it. This dam is also called the Monticello Dam while the spillway is known as the “Glory Hole”. The spillway can drain upto 48,400 cubic feet per second. Therefore, swimming near the drain whole is prohibited due to the obvious danger for life.

7# Er Wang Dong, China

Credits: shonephoto

A group of spelunkers accidentally succeeded in discovering this system of huge caves in China. These caves have their own eco-systems inside them and you can often dive into fog inside these caves.

The underground lakes and rivers located in this cave system are dominated by the living things that are not found elsewhere on Earth. You will be able to see the eyeless albino fish that don’t need eyesight or colour for survival since they live in darkness.

8# Eisriesenwelt, Austria

Credits: shonephoto
Credits: igeologico

The height of this cave in Austria is more than 5,000 ft and the German translation of it is as the “World of the Ice Giants’. This specific cave is considered as the biggest ice cave in the world. This is more than 1,300 ft in depth and 26 miles in length. The calculated volume of the ice growths is more than 1 million cubic feet.

Although the tourists had to walk up the whole 5,000 ft to reach the cave in early days, a special funicular is set for them to get there in a few minutes at present.

9# Guatemala City sinkhole

Credits: © Val Rabang / Facebook

This is a natural sinkhole that was created recently. A house along with a 3-storied factory collapsed under the ground on the 1st of June, 2010. This happened in a district in Guatemala right in the afternoon. Afterwhile an enormous hole appeared in the place where the collapse took place.

According to the researchers, soil in this place is highly rich in limestone and thus can be easily washed away by water. But the local residents complained about the dilapidated sewage system in the city as the cause for this collapse.

10# Mutnovsky Ice Caves, Russia

Credits: © Βίος TV / Facebook
Credits: banza888

This Mutnovsky volcano is located inside an ice cave in Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. Anyhow, both the ice cave and the volcano have no issues living next to each other.

But, the upper layer of the cave has lost its thickness and the glaciers have been actively melting throughout the recent years. The melting and the freezing of ice have made colorful pictures on the cave’s arches.

How did you feel when you saw these otherworldly landscapes of the Earth? Were you frightened? Or else were you excited to go on a trip to the core of the Earth? We are glad to hear from you.

Preview photo credit Val Rabang / Facebookbureau_of_reclamation / instagram / Viator

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