20 Pictures Of Animals Having A More Terrible Day Than You


Perhaps you’d have felt some days going against you. Maybe you were late to work or else maybe your keys fell into the drain hole. Anyhow, day breaking was quite a popular topic in the history of mankind and therefore people have come up to silent agreement to not to talk about those stuff too much. It might be the misfortune or the unlucky nature of several people.

But, have you ever heard of animals spending worse days than you? Yes, you heard me right. Our animal companions too experience the same terrible days and through this, we are about to share some funny and painful pictures of such situations. Most of the animals including horses, dogs and squirrels had had their fair share of 24 hours turned nightmare.

Get your jar of popcorns ready coz you’re about to see what a worse day of animal kingdom looks like. It’s true that they haven’t got keys to fall into the nearest drain hole but that doesn’t mean that they have the days easier.

#1 Sarah, The Dog Had Stolen A Bite Of Stella The Cat’s Food. This Is How Sarah Reacted As Soon As She Saw Stella Complaining About It.


#2 Our Doggy Ran Away From Home, I Came Up To This After Hours Of Search.


#3 Poor Ralph!


Karen Johnson who is a well known doctor of veterinary medicine, certified canine rehabilitation practitioner as well as the co-founder of VIP Vet Visit shared her knowledge on pets experiencing painful situations. Because obviously, it’s not only the man who reaches his blood up to a boiling temperature from time to time.

As per the explanations of Karen, each pet handles stress in various ways. But, she also explained about the importance of noticing what the pet does when they’re in distress. Kate stated that some of them cope with the situation very well than others.

“Dogs seem to be better equipped to handle stressful situations than cats,” she stated. “Cats,” on the other hand, “very often can make themselves ill due to stress or have behavioral problems such as urinating outside the litter box.”

#4 This Memorial Was Built For The Squirrel Which Ate Through A Wire Which Cancelled The Class For A Couple Of Days. This Was Paid For By The Undergraduate Class.


#5 My Pitbull Overestimated About It Thinking That It Was The Biggest At The Dogs’ Park And Here’s The Result!


#6 Yes! A Squirrel Fell Off The Rooftop.


Usually, it’s men who add fire to the stress levels of animals. “It is very noticeable that if an owner is worried or stressed, the pet becomes anxious, nervous, and stressed as well. They can sense your emotions.”

Think of an instance when your pet saw you reacting as if the things are against you after your car keys fell into a drain hole. Your pet too will be distressed by this for sure.

#7 This Is My Buddy’s Dog That Saw A Moose.


#8 I Feel Sorry Now, As I Had To Cut Down A Tree In My Yard Recently.


#9 Seems As If My Dog Died On Its Inside Just Because I Didn’t Give It The Last Bit Of My Burger.


Karen, the veterinary expert explained the owners to look out for the following signs of pets. These signs might show that they are in distress: shaking, yawning, panting, pacing, shedding, lip licking and hiding.

“If you notice any of these behaviors, you should stay calm and relaxed,” Karen explained. You’re the only one who can find out the innermost distress of your furry friend just if you are calm from inside.

#10 Does This Look Funny For You?


#11 This Is True. No Worries. I Helped It Out.


#12 This Is Our Doggo That Opened The Upstairs Screen Door And Followed The Cat Onto The Rooftop. It Needed A Bit Of Consoling Before Returning.


#13 We Really Had To Get This Idiot Down.


#14 This Fat Idiot Had To Be Helped By Animal Control.


#15 This Is What Happened When My Friend Returned Home. Oreo Had Found A Bag Of Charcoal And Had Played With It And Turned Totally Black.


#16 This Gives Advice Not To Leave Your Dog Alone With Your Kids.


#17 A Tiny Hamster Boy With Its Broken Arm. Doctor Had A Hard Time Trying To Dress It.


#18 This Cat Of My Friend That Stuck Its Head Inside A Vase. The Vase Had Been Broken But It Was Left Out With This.


#19 I Kicked Off The Cat’s Milk Accidentally And Had No Replacement. My Cat Sat Nearby Me Like This And Ate My Entire Dinner.


#20 Facial Expression Of My Dog When I Didn’t Turn The Vehicle Towards The Dog Park.

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