23 Epic Black And White Images Showing The Way Teenagers Appeared About A Century Ago


Fashion led by technology has been the fastest changing phenomenon so far. Dresses that the people used ten years ago are not in use at present. Simply, out of fashion. Yet, their styles are special and distinctive. Ultra-cool clothing styles of teenagers remind us how rebellious and fashionable we were during our teenage years.

We thought of taking you back in time about 100 years ago to see how they looked like then.


Commons Wikimedia / Flickr – The Algerian youth once wore the traditional headdress along with drapery. Just think of the distant change of fashion.


Flickr – Fashion statement then was the white dress for ladies and the traditional sailor shirt for gents. But, today this dress code is only suitable for a costume party.

China And Nepal

Flickr – They might have felt so uncomfortable with such a heavy load of jewellery on them. Perhaps, it has been their culture, therefore we should not judge. By the way, the teenagers in China wore long skirts along with regular school sweaters.


Flickr / We Heart It – No considerable change has taken place in English lads and ladies. Only the black and white coloured pictures take us back in time.

Ireland And Scotland

Commons Wikimedia / IrishCentral – Scottish teens have their fun in airy clothing. However, the Ireland teenagers are quite different, thus they have selected a traditional antique dress code.

Albania And Romania

Flickr / Discovering Albania – These teenagers might have spent comfortable lifestyles with traditional gypsy dresses. Their dresses look a bit loose. By the way, try to guess the girl on the left, in the image with two girls. Of course, she is the little girl who turned out to be Mother Teresa later in her life.


Tumblr / Commons Wikimedia – Some of these teens were selected to be geishas, thus they wore the traditional kimono. But the schooling children were given the once-popular ‘sailor’ uniform. Don’t you see an anchor on their dresses?

Mexico And Argentina

Shorpy / Wikipedia – Mexicon boys once wore the traditional worker’s suit. How about the girl with a serious look in this picture. She is wearing a traditional dress with a big headdress.


Tumblr / Commons Wikimedia  – Spaniards always wanted to make their appearance sharp as ever. Thus, the teenagers seem to have a better maturity in them. Can you even identify their age?

Estonia And Poland

Tumblr – Estonian girls seem to keep up with the coolness factor while the Polanders chose a planar fashion.

Cyprus And Greece

Morekisdairy / Tumblr – These people had been with soldier-like discipline, even their fashion seems serious. The young ones of Cyprus wore the symbol of unity; the traditional school uniform.


Commons Wikimedia / Flickr – The entire family seems to live in unity. The teenage boy in tuxedo looks handsome. Even at present, not much has changed. Only the hat has gone out of fashion.

Luxembourg And Austria

Tumblr – The sailor dress seems to be the best attraction in Europe those days. The girl in the white dress looks serene.


Old Indian Photos – How powerful is the wild look of the Indian girl? She looks as if she could hold everything by herself. The boy in the image has a scholarly look, but he is with an unusual fashion choice; a suit with shorts.

New Zealand And Australia

Commons Wikimedia – Usually, Ausies are the experts who know what freedom is. They often look great. Perhaps, the women are about to watch a cricket match. However, the New Zealander in the image is carrying her tradition along with her.


Outofmygord / Pinterest – Walt Disney is ready for another revolution with the tuxedo and the beret. Though strange, The Native Americans too held their own fashion.


Flickr / Tumblr – Cutting edge – This is how the Belgium males liked to look. The ladies from Belgium do not go behind with an early form of LBD covering them up.


Vintag.es / Tumblr – People of the Netherlands seemed to live a simple life with a beret cap and a traditional black dress for ladies. Their attire seemed to be closer to Earth than ours.

Finland And Sweden

Flickr / Tumblr – Beautiful and elegant – It Seems as if the Swedes have the best out of all– the powerful sailor dress along with the beautiful gown is impressive.


Klimbim2014 / Russkievesti – Russia is among the top countries when it comes to fashion. You can see boys with sailor’s caps plus the sailor’s dress and girls with lovely dresses.


Flickr / Wikimedia – Another top ranking country of fashion is France. The french girl with a beautiful white dress greets us with her instrument. Next comes the fashionable teenager, perhaps he would become the founder of Lacoste.


Thechive / Flickr – Filipinos too have made changes in their way of dressing going through urbanization while maintaining the traditional pieces. Only a little bit of European fusion is added.


Pinterest / ICP – Italians are another group of nations who won’t stay back when it comes to fashion. Italians then looked like descendants of the famous and imperial Romans.

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10 days ago

In 1920, personal photography was generally available only at substantial cost. These photos and portraits represent well-off folks. It’s one reason the gritty Dust Bowl photography of Dorothea Lange and others was so powerful.