25 Of The Perfect Images Captured All Year, Selected From 130,000 Submissions


The #AGORAawards2019 received 130,000 submissions over the last nine months continuously. All these were sent with the expectation to win a spt as a Top 50 finalist. At last, the top 50 finalists were announced.

The best pieces of work of all the photographers around the world including amateurs as we; as professionals were sent.

I’m pretty sure that these pictures from ants balancing the world atop their heads to the snail kissing lizards would make you spell bound. These precious images were captured as a result of the series of tours made to different parts of the world. They’ve travelled from the far stretches of Antarctica to the heat of the Sahara Desert.

Thanks for them, we needn’t leave home to see all these incredible things. We’ve given a chance by them to appreciate the beauty of this world simply by looking at these wonderful pictures.

The AGORA Awards 2019 was conducted by AGORA Images which is a free-to-use photo app. The grand prize winner of this competition wins $25,000.

Unlike the other competitions, this competition selected the grand prize winner through the highest count of votes. This means that the single most voted player out of all genres and categories.

The competitors which were selected to the top 50’s were from 21 different countries. However, the official winner of the competition will be announced on the 6th November at the AGORA awards ceremony which will be held in Barcelona.

1. A snail kissing lizard

Picture was taken by Andi Halil (@andihalil) from Indonesia

Agora Images

2. Ant balancing the world atop the head

Picture was taken by Analiza De Guzman (@anadgphotography) from Philippines

The owner of this image tried hard for a long time to capture this perfect shot. In fact, it took about four hours to snap this image of the ant balancing a drop of water along a tiny piece of thread.

Agora Images

3. Hoopoe bird feeding its chicks

Photo was taken by Phyo Moe (@phyomoe) from Myanmar

Agora Images

4. Red-eyed tree frog out during rain

Photo was taken by Hendy MP (@hendymp) from Indonesia

Agora Images

5. Reaching for heaven

Photo was taken by Konrad Paruch (@thedronelad) from the UK

The fog around the Mont Saint Michel in France.

Agora Images

6 Tired lives

Photo was taken by Pranab Basak (@pranab_basak) from India

Hard working women at fishing in West Bengal before heading to the market.

Agora Images

7. Incense work

Photo was taken by Khánh Phan (@ptkhanhhvnh) from Vietnam

The people in Vietnam believe that incense help people to connect to the Gods and the ancestors.

Agora Images

8. Young monks enjoying at the Hsinbyume Pagoda

Photo was taken by Ling Ling (@lingling25) from Myanmar

Agora Images

9. Isolated desert

Photo was taken by Carles Alonso (@carlesalonsophotography) from Spain

This was taken atop a high dune in Merzouga, Morocco. The picture shows a group of Nomads moving through the Sahara Desert.

Agora Images

10. Freedom songs

Photo was taken by Michael Aboya (@eighthman) from Ghana

This seems to be more than a photo. This suggests an unspoken struggle for their belongings and freedom. This was inspired by the ‘Redemption Song’ of Bob Marley.

Agora Images

11. Sliver of light, making batik crafts

Photo was taken by Bimo Pradityo (@_bimo_) from Indonesia

Batik is a method of producing coloured designed clothed by dueing them. The lady in the photo has been practising the art of Batik since thirty-five years.

Agora Images

12. Echoes of the unknown

Photo was taken by Clement Eastwood (@theeastwoodexperience) from Ghana

The aim of this image was highlight the bond between the man and the beast.

Agora Images

13. Rainbow cast above the Lofoten Islands

Photo was taken by Paal Lund (@uglefisk) from Norway

Agora Images

14. Sand wasp fetching its prey

Photo was taken by Imam Primahardy (@pokokemoto) from Indonesia

Agora Images

15. Shipwreck Graveyard

Photo was taken by Charlie Berthaume (@charliieb) from Monaco

This is the shipwreck graves in Brittany, France. Some of the boats in this image are believed to be there for over 100 years.

Agora Images

16. The look of wild

Photo was taken by Sergio Saavedra (@saavedraphotography) from Spain

Lynx wandering through Cábarceno Natural Park.

Agora Images

17. Tumpak Sewu waterfall in East Java

Photo was taken by Jonathan Rogers (@jprphotos) from the UK

Agora Images

18. Veins of the Earth

Photo was taken by Hugo Healy (@hugohealy) from the UK

The image was captured above East Sussex. It’s the place where the Cuckmere River splits up the grasslands.

Agora Images

19. Mother’s love

Photo was taken by Santiago López (@santiagolopezfotografia)

The photographer spent two hours to take a shot of this seneimental event. Mother loving its baby at the Tenerife Zoo.

Agora Images

20. A gloomy Disneyland – Neuschwanstein Castle

Photo was taken by Tommi Matz (@tommimatz) from Germany

Agora Images

21. Sea hearts

Photo was taken by Nguyen Phan Xuan (@phannguyen5285) from Vietnam

The aerial image consists of the fishing nets in Vietnam.

Agora Images

22. Crabeater seals relaxing on ice in Antarctica

Photo was taken by Florian Ledoux (@florianledoux) from France

Agora Images

23. The incredible Roundabout -Paris’ Arc de Triomphe

Photo was taken by Henry Do (@henrydo) from the USA

Agora Images

24. Winter in Mongolia

Photo was taken by Zay Yar Lin (@zayyarlin) from Myanmar

Agora Images

25. Lovely dancer at the peace and friendship stadium in Athens

Photo taken by Markellos Plakitsis (@markellos) from Greece

Agora Images

Further info: Agoraimages.comFacebookYoutube.com

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