31 Images Of Lovely Birds Known As Strawberry Finches


There are so many amazing bird species everywhere around us and they never stop to astonish with the various range of sizes, colours and their other characteristics. Some of these creatures possess complicated and astonishing plumage which is comparable to a berry or a fruit. This is exactly accurate for a bird species that are known as strawberry finches. Strawberry Finches are small, sparrow-sized birds which are from the family Estrildidae. Their appearance has become very unique due to the crimson body paired with small white dots.


These Strawberry finches are usually called red munia or red avadavat. They are found all around tropical Asia. They are interested in inhabiting grasslands, open fields, gardens, jungle clearings and meadows. These birds are well adapted to live well in tropical temperatures, but they easily lose their plumage intensity in quite dry and cool climates. This is clearly observable in Strawberry Finches.

Kishore Bhargava

Red avadavats grow for about 3 to 4 inches in length or 10.16 centimetres. The look of the female and male birds are noticeable as same as other common birds. The most significant difference is that the males possess a red crown on the back with a pair of white streaks under their eyes. You will be able to see the sides of their breast and heads decorated with scarlet. White dots are there on their tail, wings and all over feathers. They have red beaks. But this amazing appearance can be clearly seen only in the breeding season. When the breeding season is finished these males too look the same as female birds. In the breeding season, females bear a dark brown back, tail and a crown with less dots on their backs comparatively to the males. The Juvenile strawberry finches have a quite dull appearance with grayish-brown on the whole body.

Shantanu Kuveskar

Red dipped bright plumage has a great ability of attracting females. Plus, these male Strawberry Finches have their own dance in which the male birds carry one feather or a grass stem in the mouth. They bow up and down with their feathers. According to the observations, one flock of Strawberry Finches consists of 100s of them approximately. As soon as they find a suitable partner, these birds fly away from the group for nesting. The breeding month of the birds differ according to the region they live. They normally use to breed in between the second stage of the rainy season and the dry season.

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