34 Of The World’s Most Gorgeous Kinds Of Pigeons


Let’s keep the fashion chickens away for some time and check some of the pigeons with attractive features. Most of us have only seen the city pigeons which are in the streets. But, have you ever thought of watching the other species of pigeons? By the way, we’ve found some interesting images of pigeons with unusual appearances.

We’ve already collected some pictures of extreme fashioned pigeons for you. Scroll down to check out all the fantastic images. And also do not forget to leave a comment under your favorite one. Of course we know you love all the animals around you. Let’s move on to see these majestic looking pigeons.

Studying about pigeons is quite an interesting task. According to the arguments of the scientists, the city pigeons or aka the rock pigeon can be considered as the first animals which were domesticated by man. The pigeons could be seen in mosaics, coins and figurines in the Mesapotamian era in 4500 BC.

#1 Pink-Necked Green Pigeon

Pink-Necked Green Pigeon

#2 The Nicobar Pigeon

The Nicobar Pigeon
Sue Demetriou

#3 Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon
The Virginia Zoo

The RPRA stated that pigeons have unimaginable talents and are able to fly at a speed of over 70 miles (nearly 113 kilometers) per hour.

“They have been used in both world wars due to their skills in speed endurance and their homing abilities,” the RPRA continued.

The RPRA association also agrees that pigeons likely were the earliest birds domesticated by man due to their calmness and the trust in nature.

“They also have the ability to return to a central location so they are easy to keep—they always return. Meanwhile, pigeons have the ability to deliver messages; Julius Caesar used them in his battles to send messages to and from his troops and occupied areas.”

#4 Brown Frillback Pigeon

Brown Frillback Pigeon

#5 Bronzewing Pigeon

Bronzewing Pigeon

#6 Blue Crowned Pigeon

Blue Crowned Pigeon

Perhaps you have an idea that pigeons are dull creatures unlike the other birds. But it’s not that true. A research study which was published in 2017 proved that pigeons understand the concepts of time and space. Apart from this pigeons are also considered as perfect navigators.

It said that they have the ability to  find their way back to their nests from 1.3k miles (nearly 2.1k kilometers) away. The fascinating part is that these creatures are able to find their way to nests even if they’re taken away from the nests and located in complete isolation and rotated to make them unaware of the direction of their nest!

#7 Jacobin Pigeons

Jacobin Pigeons

#8 Indian Fantail

Indian Fantail

#9 African Green-Pigeon

African Green-Pigeon

However, scientists aren’t still certain about these features of pigeons. But humans in 3000 BC were aware about the navigational skills of pigeons. They set the caged pigeons free and then followed them to closeby lands.

Did you know that the ancient Greeks used pigeons to carry the results of the Olympics? Pigeons are actually mysterious as well as attractive types of birds. However, collecting information about them hasn’t been over yet.

#10 Spinifex Pigeon

Spinifex Pigeon

#11 Grey Frillback Pigeon

Grey Frillback Pigeon

#12 Pied Imperial Pigeon

Pied Imperial Pigeon
Derek Ramsey

#13 Ice Pigeon

Ice Pigeon

#14 Lahore Pigeon

Lahore Pigeon

#15 Capuchine/Jacobin Mix

Capuchine/Jacobin Mix

#16 Red White Roller Pigeon

Red White Roller Pigeon

#17 Archangel Pigeons

Archangel Pigeons

#18 English Trumpeter Pigeon

English Trumpeter Pigeon
Graham Manning

#19 English Barb

English Barb

#20 Brunner Pouter Pigeon

Brunner Pouter Pigeon

#21 Lahore Pigeon

Lahore Pigeon

#22 Fantail Pigeon

Fantail Pigeon

#23 Kabutar Pigeon

Kabutar Pigeon

#24 Old Dutch Capuchine

Old Dutch Capuchine

#25 Black Helmet Pigeon

Black Helmet Pigeon
Graham Manning

#26 Old Dutch Capuchine

Old Dutch Capuchine

#27  Unique Pigeon

Unique Pigeon

#28 German Modena Pigeon

German Modena Pigeon
jim gifford

#29 English Short-Faced Tumbler

English Short-Faced Tumbler
Graham Manning

#30 Oriental Frill Pigeon

Oriental Frill Pigeon
jim gifford

#31 Tumbler Pigeon

Tumbler Pigeon

#32 English Carrier Pigeon

English Carrier Pigeon
jim gifford

#33  Voorburg Shield Cropper

Voorburg Shield Cropper

#34 Scandaroon Pigeon

Scandaroon Pigeon
jim gifford

Via: Bored Panda

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