4.5 Million Flowers Bloom Across Japanese Park Like a Unceasing Ocean of Bluish Lights


4.5 million amazing flowers which have the sobriquet of “baby blue eyes” covers 8.6 acres of land.

Japan is totally beautified with plenty of flowers during the flowering season.

Every season of Japan has its own cultural uniqueness along with their special blossoms which adds pride and delight to the people. Very large areas filled with various kinds of flowers can be found around the country consisting of personal farms as well as government tourist attractions. All the tourists, local and international have their own special interest to enjoy these spectacular beauty of each season filled with blooms.


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The Hitachi Seaside Park close to Mito located in the Ibaraki Prefecture is not to be missed by the visitors of Japan. The park offers various kinds of seasonal flowers along with the other delights such as an amusement park including cycling and walking tracks spread over 190 acres.

According to the experienced visitors, the perfect season to be at the park is from late April to mid-May to feel the magnificent blooms of Nemophila Harmony.


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4.5 million Nemophila flowers with the sobriquet of “baby blue eyes,” cover an extent of 8.6 acres of Miharashi hills. There is no exact evidence of how it was counted but the real truth is that there is such an amazing number! Except for the walkways of the area, every single inch is perfectly carpeted by this magical view wherever one is stepped in every single minute.

The park has been closed until further notice, due to the novel Covid-19 outbreak all around the globe. Though you are unable to visit Spring 2020, this video of the Hitachi Seaside Park will give you an interest for a future visit while definitely enlightening your day.


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One is able to grow his or her personal baby blue eyes (Nemophila Menziesii). These succulents which have one growing season are very easily maintainable since it is hardy and low spreading.

These baby blue eyes grow well in USDA hardiness zones 2-10. Even though they do not need any fertilizer after the growth, adding a little bit to the soil before planting helps the growth. They should be planted in early spring to get the partial shade and protection from the wind.

The plants should be given plenty of water in the first six weeks of germination and then supply of water should be reduced when they bloom.


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When the flowers are in bloom, you will be stunned by the beautiful flowers which cover the stems and green leaves with petals. As these flowers aren’t present for a long time, you needn’t worry about diseases and pests. If you planted these during early spring expect them to bloom through summer. These will attract a hub of bees and butterflies to your home garden.

Source: TMU

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