5 Ancient Egyptian Symbols That Everyone Should Be Aware Of


The culture of Ancient Egypt is known to be one of the world’s most mysterious ones. Researchers even find details about samples of sand. It is impossible to find answers quickly for questions regarding ancient Egypt. 

They even had knowledge about astronomy even though they were very good experts in architecture and medicine. Based on the carvings and artifacts showing the connection between humans and aliens it is believed that they had interacted with aliens.

Our only option is to gain more knowledge on the honoured civilization because it is our responsibility to be more educated on these interesting civilizations. 

The Ankh

The first on the list is the Ankh which represents “the key to life” in Egyptian. The afterlife is represented by this in tombs. Later it was adopted by the Christains to depict Christ’s vow on everlasting life.

The Eye Of Horus

Secondly, God Horus who ruled all the other gods is referred to by the Eye of Horus.

The Sesen-Lotus Flower

A famous symbol in ancient Egyptian architecture is the Sesen-Lotus Flower that is used to depict life and the sun. This holds the third place in the list. 

The Djed

The fourth in the list is the Djed. This symbol is drawn on each and every tomb wall of Egyptian pyramids which exhibits Osiris and his reincarnation.

The Scarab

Finally, we have the Scarab which is used on pendants and good luck charms because it’s said to bring good fortune. The reason for this is its connection with the morning sun.

Source of the information: True Blog.

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