8 Stretches You Should Repeat Each Morning To Feel Flexible, Strong And Grounded


It is a bit challenging to workout stretching in the morning, since you are starting the day at a stretch. Most of us prefer to sleep a few minutes extra and get ready to go for work in a hurry. Anyhow stretching for 5 minutes in the morning does more than you ignore it and makes it easier for you to have your breakfast.

People who are engaged in a desk job more often suffer with muscle pain or tension since they are seated all the time in the same seat with only less muscular movement. In addition to these they feel pain and stiffness in the morning as they wake up, due to the accumulation of fluid during sleep. Therefore, stretching in the morning can do more to your health by changing the uncomfort you feel during the day.

These exercises are able to help your muscles feel more comfortable:

1. Door Stretch

This exercise helps you strengthen your spine since this posture supports you as a door to strengthen your shoulders and arms to open the chest. The torso muscles will also be relaxed by this.

Step your feet threshold and keep your arms on the jamb of the door at the start of the stretch. Keep in mind to keep your upper arms parallel to the floor and your forearms followed and be aligned up the doorway.

Bend your front knee until you feel the stretch in the chest or shoulders. Be in that position for 3 seconds and repeat the same with the other leg.

2. Stand Side Stretch

This stretch makes you feel comfortable at your core, shoulders and upper back. And in addition to that the range of motion in the areas is extended by these.

The next step is clasping the hands and extending the pointer fingers. Reach forward by holding your hands over your head and inhale by reaching forward. Exhale by bending to the right.

Continue for five times by breathing in and out and come back to the center. Repeat the same steps to your left. Carry on the same 3, 4 times.

3. Standing Hamstring Stretch

This is a stretch good for hamstrings and lower back pain

The first of the next is to take a chair, a bed or any surface lower than your hip level and stand in front of it. Put your left heel on it and bend your foot.

If you are to deepen the stretch, you can bend forward using your torso towards the foot on the chair. You can do the same by changing the foot every 30 seconds.

4. Standing Forward Bend

Keep your feet hip wide and stand, bend your knees slightly and bend over your hips.

Let your body hang over the legs by holding your elbows. Those who suffer with lower back pain can do this by putting their hands on the ground to get support.

Be in this position for 3 to 4 minutes and take deep breaths. If your neck and head are felt tensioned shake it backwards and forwards or give it a rock from side to side.

5. Elevated Pigeon Stretch

Elevate lower back pain by opening the hips at this stretch and get relieved from the issues of the spine.

Take your left leg with the knee by lying on the bed or on the yoga mat. Keep your hips in a square by keeping the front knee placed outside your shoulder.

Make sure to keep your spine straight and keep your hands on the mat or the bed to get more support and bend yourself forward.

Breathe 5 to 6 times while in the pose and go for a change of the side.

6. Cat & Cow

This is a good exercise for lengthening the neck, back torso as well as the spine. You can strengthen the spine and improve flexibility of the upper body, and meanwhile you are able to create an open space in your neck.

Keep your hands and knees on the floor as the first step and make sure to keep your palms under the same line of the shoulders. Position your knees under the hips.

Now take a deep breath pulling your abdominal muscles in, and bend your body in an arch. You will appear like a cat at this stretch. Keep your tailbone and head drop towards the floor in this position.

Bend the upper part of the spine upwards and get back to the starting pose. Get the support of the abdominal muscles in engaging in this. Keep your neck ascended into your shoulders or avoid getting crunching up your neck. Repeat the pose 5 times by taking deep breaths.

7. Clasped Hand Chest Stretch

This is a good stretch to open your chest at the same time with a stretch of shoulders, upper arms and the front.

Keep your feet wide apart and stand. Then clasp your hands at the back. But if you find it difficult to hold your hands in this pose, you can make it easier by using a towel or a strap to make it closer.

Raise your arms behind you by bending forward. Keep your head loose and make your hands overhead as far as possible. Be in this pose for 30 seconds and repeat it 3 or more times.

8. Straight Leg Calf Stretch

The calf stretch works out on the lower part of the legs and makes you relieve the calf muscles.

Stand in front of a wall by holding your arms straight in front of you, by keeping the hands flat against the wall. Keep your right leg forward when your foot is flat on the ground and expand your left leg flat on the floor.

Lean into the wall as the next step, but make sure not to bend the left leg. Be in this pose until you feel your calf at a stretch.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds and then switch the legs. Repeat this stretch for 3 seconds twice each leg.

The following benefits can be gained by stretching:

  • It increases the flexibility

The mobility of the body can be maintained more easily to increase the range of motion.

  • It decreases the back pain

The issues of upper and lower back can be dropped by exercising for a minimum of 15 minutes a day.

  • Posture can be improved

Soon after the stretching exercise you will feel the difference in the posture. The confidence of yours can be boosted while standing straight and feel less pain.

  • Stress levels can be decreased

The mind can be made calm and serene the body by stretching. The tensions in the muscles can be reduced by breathing in and out in addition to that body flow can be increased with encouragement of mindfulness.

Your body and muscles can be woken up by stretching in the morning and make them ready for the day’s work. Blood flow of the muscles can be increased, and it can make you feel good and relaxed with full of energy.

Sources of the information: www.verywellhealth.comwww.livestrong.com | healthylifeboxx.com

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