9 Hacks to Keep Bananas Fresh and Tasty


Are you a Banana Lover? And would just love to have your bananas stay ripe for longer than crippling down to a sad, saggy and brownish Banana?

I bet you are curious to know how to keep them fresh for longer! Fear not we got not 1 but 9 hacks that you can do to keep your banana fresh and ripe.

1. Check the Banana’s appearance before you buy

Just like how you check other fruits or veggies before buying, check for the features listed below before buying your bananas.

  • Make sure the ends of the bananas have a greenish end and a yellowish middle part. This is a sign that the banana will last longer. Always buy slightly under-ripe bananas. Because If you buy bananas that look ripe and yellow, the soon you bring them home, the ripening process is gonna speed up!
  • Make sure there are very little to no bruises, brown spots, blemishes, and puncture marks on the surface of the bananas. This is an indication that the bananas will speed up it’s ripening process.

2. Do not store your Bananas in bags

Even though we all do this to prevent the bananas from being infected by pests, doing this does more harm than good. It will speed up the ripening process as the ethylene gas banana’s release will not be able to escape inside the bag.

3. Do NOT Expose your bananas to heat

They will speed up the ripening process. Instead, keep it in a room temperature.

4. Wrap the stems of the Bananas with a plastic wrap

It slows down the ripening process of your bananas as it constricts the Ethylene gas from spreading all over the fruit.

It is the Ethylene gas that helps to ripen your bananas. By covering the stem makes it hard to spread through. Therefore slowing down the process of ripening your Bananas!

5. Keep your Bananas far away from other Fruits and Vegetables

This is because the ethylene gas from other fruits and vegetables will interact with your bananas causing them to ripe soon.

6. Put your Bananas in the Fridge

The cold temperature slows down the process of ripening. Even though the peel might turn brown or black, the inside will remain fresh.

If you are not comfortable with the peels becoming brown with blemishes, you can wrap them in a plastic bag and then put them in the fridge.

It will remain unripened as the enzymes that turn it ripe get killed due to cold.

7. Freeze your Bananas

Refrigerate your peeled bananas in an airtight container. Take them out and let them sit at room temperature for a good minute or two before eating them.

8. Sprinkle some lemon juice

Yep, sprinkling some lemon juice on banana slices prevents it from turning brown. But don’t overdo it as the flavor may turn lemony and sour. Alternatives to using other than lemon juice are orange juice and pineapple juice.

9. Soak in Vinegar Solution

This is how you make a vinegar solution. Mix a cup of water in one-fourth cup of vinegar. Keep the banana slices in this solution for about three minutes. Make sure not to leave the bananas in this solution for more than three minutes as it may turn bananas too soft.  Not to mention the slices will develop a vinegary taste which is not appealing at all!

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