A 9-Year-Old Mexican Girl With A Superior IQ Than Albert Einstein Is Already Learning To Be An Astronaut


Adhara Pérez of Mexico City is already pursuing two college degrees with the goal of one day becoming a NASA scientist and astronaut. She is just nine years old, but she already has big aspirations – which is understandable given that the Mexico City native has an IQ of 162, which is greater than quantum physicists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Adhara has been taking IQ tests since she was four years old, and she has used her enormous brain capacity to study difficult subjects that most of us could only dream of understanding.

She was named one of Mexico’s most influential women by Forbes magazine in 2019 at the age of seven.

The young genius is already pursuing two degrees: systems engineering at Universidad CNCI and industrial engineering at UNITEC.

She has also been asked to study for a master’s degree in atmospheric science at the University of Miami, as well as physics at the University of Israel.

To top it all off, she’s been invited to attend Alabama’s Aeronautics Program and study Space Science at NASA, according to Telemundo. She aspires to be an astronaut one day.

The kid on the other hand intends to continue her education at the University of Arizona and is fast studying English to prepare to follow her ambitions.

“I need to remain for three months to study and become acclimated to hearing and speaking English,: Adhara told NBC San Diego.

Adhara was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and was harassed by local kids in Mexico City for being different. The child finally sank into profound despair, yet this also marked the beginning of her path to a brighter future.

She took several IQ tests after being placed in treatment by her mother and received a score of 162 – two points better than Einstein and Hawking, who both scored 160.

She began studying for her degrees online after graduating from high school at the age of eight. She has also previously authored a book on her bullying experience and the importance of perseverance.

Her words of wisdom?

“Don’t give up, and if you don’t like where you are, start thinking about where you want to go!”

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