Alarming Animation Of Animals Singing “I Dreamed A Dream” That Shows How Man Is Destroying Wildlife


Dream is a short animated film which was created by Zombie Studio in 2016 for the film festival of Wildlife Conservation. It discusses the sad story of four animals which are at the verge of extinction to the tune of the song “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Misérables and spots the facts of the various ways that the man is disturbing the innocent lives of wildlife.

Further info:  WCFF | Zombie Studio | Instagram | H/T: My Modern Met

The commencement of the video is showing the carelessness of animals roaming their own dwellings

It converts into a grim as man arrives

The sorrowful footage shows how harmful the poachers of these animals are

As per Save The Rhino, 1,215 rhinos were killed for poaching in South Africa in 2014. The number of rhinos has been gradually decreasing in recent years with 1028 rhinos being poached in 2017. The number of rhinos were slowly going down during these past years including 1,028 rhinos poached in 2017. But the sad truth is that it remains high in alarming rates.

The animal habitats are influenced by Oil spills; another huge influence

After the collision of Iranian-owned oil tanker “Sachi with another ship, the tanker released an amount of oil approximately the size of Paris.

Mammal, The largest of mammals on earth, is not spared

In 1982, a commercial whale moratorium was in effect and the number of whale populations has been reduced alarmingly. Even though the whaling industry is still in operation with 390 killed in Japan and 590 in Norway, as per the WDC.

Though we try hard to reduce human interference on wildlife, it doesn’t work at sometimes

Yet, the count of poaching and deforestation are recorded in high rates even though we’ve already implemented several actions against the wrong doers. Unfortunately, it’ll be too late to save the wildlife unless we take more severe actions against these violators.

See the full video for yourself below!

And also don’t forget to check out the ‘Making-of’ video!

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