Alien Beings Will Hit On Earth Tomorrow to Begin War Says Time Traveller from 2714′


According to a ‘time traveller from 2714,’ aliens are going to land on Earth tomorrow in the first stage of a supposed interplanetary conflict.

On TikTok, someone claims to be from the future and claims to know for certain that aliens would descend on Earth during the Perseid meteor shower. They explain their theory in the video below.

The ‘time traveller’ claims to want to ‘save mankind’ and has nearly 3.9 million likes and 611,000 followers on Instagram.

A Perseid meteor shower is expected to reach Earth on Wednesday, August 11th, according to user @aesthetictimewarper on the site.

The language in the video is set against a backdrop of breaking waves, apparently to emphasize the impending storm. Alternatively,

The TikTok claimed: “Yes, I am a true time traveller from the year 2714, On August 11, 2021, occasionally wonderful things happen.”

Credit: TikTok/@aesthetictimewarper

“A major meteor shower with the Nozic message will occur during the next two weeks, visible in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Credit: TikTok/@aesthetictimewarper

“One of the meteors will appear to be different from the others since it is a ship landing on Earth, kicking off the first Nozic War preparations.

Credit: TikTok/@aesthetictimewarper

The video was posted yesterday and has already received over 300,000 views and nearly 12,000 likes.

Users, as you might expect, were quick to express their thoughts in the comments area.

One user wrote, attempting to call out the TikToker: “First thing I would do as a time traveller: create a TikTok,”

@aesthetictimewarper, on the other hand, was ready for it, responding, “I’ve been here since the end of 2020, this account was made at the beginning of June I was studying what it was like.”

Fair enough. I mean, I was hoping for a more exciting return but I guess you can’t disagree with that.

A second person joked: “Going to happen precisely when they switch on that 5G,”

A third user, on the other hand, was not having it, concluding: “Nothing he’s said has shown out to be genuine. Tell us something true.”

Perhaps the next forecast will be correct?

@aesthetictimewarper requested us to write in five forthcoming dates that might be of interest to some last month (July).

They stated in an attempt to respond to their critics, “Many of you still don’t think I am a real-time traveller, therefore remember these five dates,”

Month/date/year was the format for dates and events in the United States.

They claimed, “8/3/21: Nasa discovers a mirrored Earth with opposing gravity, physics, and motion,”

Hmm. I’m just stopping by to say that I’m pretty sure that one didn’t happen, so here are a few additional things to look out for instead.

The post said: “9/14/21: A Category 6 hurricane hits South Carolina, the worst in history,”

“10/20/21: 8 humans gain superpowers from the Sun’s high energy.”

“12/14/21: Three teenagers discover a T-Rex egg and a gadget that allows them to go to another universe.”

“On February 2, 2022, Atlantis is discovered in the Atlantic Ocean, containing human-fish life.”

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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