Another Virus Infection In China? ‘Tick-Borne Virus’ Has Caused Atleast 7 Deaths and 60 Infected


Yet, everyone in the world is struggling to fight against the coronavirus which originated from a wet market in Wuhan in China. Amidst this, comes another news on a recent release of another infectious disease that has the Chinese origin once again.  

According to the news reports, this disease is caused by a tick-borne virus. And also the news sites report about seven deaths and around 6 infected people in China by now.

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People are already warned about the possibility of a human-to-human transmission.

According to what the Global Times quoted from the media reports, over 37 people in Jiangsu province in East China contracted the SFTS Virus in the first six months of the year and over 23 were found to have been infected in Anhui province in East China.

A female from Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu had suffered from this particular new tick-borne virus and had shown symptoms such as coughing and fever. Additionally, the doctors had found a reduction of leukocyte, blood platelets in her body. However, she was discharged soon after a continuous medical treatment of about one month.

Apart from that, seven deaths have occurred in Anhui and Zhejiang which is also another province in East China. Anyhow, the virus is not so new to China since China isolated the pathogen in 2011. They’ve already discovered that this belongs to the category of Bunyavirus.

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The virolosists explain that the pathogen could be passed by the ticks and that the infection could be transmitted between humans. As per the reports of the Insider Paper, the risk of transmission by one human to another is not so high as the virus isn’t airborne.

A doctor from the first affiliated hospital under the university of Zhejiang, Sheng Jifang, states that the possibility of transmission by humans cannot be completely avoided as the patients have the potential to pass the virus through mucous or blood.

The main source of transmission is a tick bite as said by the doctors. However, reasons to panic are far less until the people are cautious enough to protect themselves.

Perhaps, you’d remember the way people panicked soon after the passage of Hantavirus which spread along with the coronavirus. There, once again Global Times reports that the man who was infected with the Hantavirus had passed away while he was on his way to Shandong in a chartered bus.


But, there was nothing to get worried about, as the Hantavirus too had been there  for a few years.

And also the Hantavirus was not at all airborne like the coronavirus. As the details that we’ve gathered, the Hantavirus is an incommunicable virus that has no possibility of getting transmitted by one human to another. The experts have already explained that only a contact of rodent feces, urine or saliva can transmit the virus to a human since it is a virus that infects only the rodents.

Source of the information: India Times

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