Archaeologists Will Never Touch These Things


Constructions of the ancient world still make us influenced by their unique architectural technology. The present world which is being advanced with technological improvements too need some more techniques to reassemble these incredibly outstanding structures so that the majority of today’s world believe there is a mysterious connection with aliens and construction.

Brien Foeste who believes in a totally different idea disagrees with this by stating that these ancient temples and other buildings were being constructed in the same technology of pouring concrete into forms in order to make huge stone shapes which were needed to get different shapes.

Rather than carrying rocks over 100 tons for thousands of kilometres, it may have been easier for them to make concrete slabs closeby.

According to Brien, the ancient Incas, Romans as well as Egyptians had used this technique. Though he explains much about this, there are certain inconsistencies in them. For instance there’s a doubt as to how they had the laser cuts to make the process go ahead?

Though some people think that they know everything, yet there are countless things that we are unaware of the past. Anyhow, will this concept which was forwarded by Brien be able to make everyone of us have faith in this? What is your idea?

Watch the footage below and be active to forward your thoughts for us. And also never miss to share this article with your peers for them to get to know about all these ancient stuff!

Sources of the information: Ancient FilesYoutube

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