Artist Turned Found Stones Into Creatures You Can Hold In The Palm Of Your Hand


They believe you should make beautiful things out of pebbles hurled at you, and Akie Nakata, a Japanese artist, shows us how. Indeed, she takes unsightly pebbles and transforms them into small animals that fit in the palm of her hand through artistic painting.

Akie Nakata (also known as Akie) transforms found stones and rocks into cute animal drawings that you can hold in your hand. Akie selects the stones she feels already have their own destiny characteristics, inspired by the natural forms of each stone she encounters. The self-taught artist has been collecting stones since she was a youngster. She began painting with stones in 2011 after coming upon a rock that looked like a rabbit while walking along a riverbank. The artist writes in an email “Stones have their own intentions, and I consider my encounters with them as cues to go ahead and paint what I see on them.”

Akie carefully examines each character after obtaining the animal-shaped stones. She thinks, “Am I putting the backbone in the appropriate place?” Is it comfortable? Is it possible that I’m imposing something that doesn’t fit the stone’s natural shape?” She then uses acrylic paint to gently paint the stone’s surfaces. Each of Akie’s stone creatures from cats and dogs to owls, mice, and even a complete opossum family, looks incredibly genuine. Akie deems her labor finished when she observes that “the eyes are now alive and staring back [at her].” she says, “Completing a piece of art for me is not about how much detail I draw, but whether I sense the life in the stone.”

While some may argue that a stone is not a living entity, when she holds one in her hand, Akie feels all it has “silently observed over millennia” The artist, believing that each rock has a tale to tell, decides to use her paintings to bring each one to life. She says, “Sometimes I paint while talking to the stone while holding it in my hand,” Akie believes that those who possess her stone animals would value them as much as they value their own lives, “because we all stand on the same earth and come from the same earth.”

Akie Nakata, a Japanese artist, transforms found stones and rocks into charming animal paintings that you can hold in your hand.

Akie uses acrylic paint to bring their creature characters to life, drawing inspiration from the natural contours of each stone.

Each stone animal has a lifelike appearance.

Stone Artist Akie: Facebook | Instagram

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