Astonished Divers Meets a Giant Jellyfish Off the Coast of England


At present, only the endless ocean gives living for the giants in the Earth.

But, of course there are stupid human creatures who bump into a behemoth at some instances.

Same like this incredible barrel jellyfish.

Dan Abbott, an underwater cinematographer along with the biologist Lizzie Daly was diving just off the coast of Cornwall in England as they met this enormous tentacled titan amidst the murky waters.

An unusual size

You’ve already heard the rumors of barrel jellyfish which went viral even before the scientific introduction of them. However, this is a rather different story. A unique story regarding a huge sized jellyfish which was met by both Abbott and Lizzie accidentally.

“It’s known to get this large, but I haven’t seen one this big”, said Lizzie who is a wildlife present for the BBC, said the CBS News. “Dan said he hasn’t seen one this big either.”

Awful Experience

What would you do if you encounter such a mythological creature all of a sudden?

Well, if you’re a type of a person who adores the ocean as well as the creatures in it as same as Lizzie and Abbott, there’s no doubt of you accepting it as a glory. And also I know you’ll place your finger in the record button without hesitation. However, both Lizzie and Abbott were on a seven-day expedition to raise awareness on marine life.

“It really humbles you to be alongside an animal that size,” told Daly to Motherboard. “It’s an experience we’ll never forget.”

The video which was recorded by Abbott showed Dally swimming with the giant jellyfish for about an hour. Finally, this video recording went viral to an unexpected level.

Mild Sting Possible

According to the video, and the explanation of both Abbott and Lizzie, the jellyfish wasn’t bothered by the human interaction in its way. The jellyfish don’t even flash its stinger at any instance.

Of course, it has eight huge arms with stinging tentacles in each.

However, it seems as if the jellyfish doesn’t pack much of a wallop for its huge size. At least, the attack of a box jellyfish does not seem to be a deadly attack.

“They’re not a threat to humans,” explained Lizzie to CBS. “They have a mild sting, but wouldn’t cause damage to humans.”

But, as you see in this video and the image, the incredible jellyfish is capable of making us surprised with its glorious look.

Scroll down to watch the entire footage which was recorded by Abbott:

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