Brainy Little Hummingbird Makes A Home With A Roof On Top


A few natural constructions give a touch of warmth and coziness quite like nests. Simply, the nests are the treetop homes built with love and affection by mature birds to raise their young ones. But, this mom seemed to build the same nest rather ingeniously.

Conservationist Bianca Caroline Soares, no longer witnesses hummingbird nests perched on the branches in the jungle close-by her home in Paraguay. But, she recently came up with one nest that is quite peculiar and attractive as well while she was on a walk last Spring. One she had never seen before. One with a roof on top.

Credits: Bianca Caroline Soare

She was impressed with this discovery. “I saw five hummingbird nests that day, but this was the most ingenious,” Soares shared her experience.

This particular nest had been the most beautiful and the most comfortable hummingbird’s home in the neighborhood — and as to what the conservationist said, it turned out to be a great starting point to a cute bird family.

Credits: Bianca Caroline Soare

Following days, weeks and months Soares continued observing this bird’s nest expecting to have a sight of her little family.

“She had two hummingbird babies,” said Soares.

Perhaps, these two baby birds received the benefit of their mother’s intelligent idea during the hot days.

Credits: Bianca Caroline Soare

Soares expects this thoughtful plan of the tiny bird mom to inspire the whole human community to take care of nature.

Just think of the imagination and the intelligence of this thoughtful creature. It helped her to grow her family strong; stronger than others. And also she set an example for her young ones, giving them a modern idea of making a creative and a protective nest.

Credits: Bianca Caroline Soare

Her intention of sharing the photos on Instagram was to inspire people to take care of nature more than they’ve done before. She wrote:

“To date, my favorite photograph. Too much cuteness in one photo!”

Hummingbirds can be seen almost everywhere around you. There are about 338 species of them.

These birds are important caretakers of nature since they play a major role in the process of pollination. Some species of hummingbirds can fly upto 4,000 meters and they can pollinate plants which other birds cannot.

But, their mini size has become a major threat for their extinction. They are often prone to dangers. As a result of this, many hummingbird species are listed as endangered.

Try these few tips to help protect the hummingbird community in your area:

  • Gardeners are requested to craft a feeder in a shaded area to supply nectar for the birds. You can hang a clean bottle or a dish filled with water-sugar solution. Be careful to place these feeders right away from windows to avoid collisions and to keep them away from any other confusions.
  • They are easy prey for cats. Therefore, make sure to keep your kitten away from them.
  • These birds are open to chemicals as they are quite small. Thus, you shouldn’t spray insecticides near your feeder.
  • You’re also requested to join a hummingbird conservation organization as another option.
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