Bread Whiskers, The Cutest Chubby Little Birds That Seem To Have A Couple Of Whiskers Near Their Eyes


Nature amazes us in the least unexpected moments. Not only the landscapes but also particular phenomena like sunset plus the animals around us. Just simply think of a chickadee! You got a lot of small birds in your mind. Didn’t you?

However, all the birds are not the same. They vary from each other due to their unique features. So, here we present you the mustache breadcrumbs! You might have already identified a singular characteristic in it by the name itself.



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The scientific name of this bird is Panurus biarmicus while the most common name stands as the Bearded Reedling. It has uniqueness just from its tip to toe. Even the eyes and the beak are of some speciality. The two marks that appear on its face make a “mustache”.


Image credit: rado_vaclav/Flickr

It looks like a soft ball of feathers due to its oval shape.


Image credit: Kev Chapman/Flickr

“Whiskers” can only be seen in male birds. Females do not possess them. However, females generally have darker beaks than the males.


The bearded reedling is of course well known in Asia, North Africa and Europe.



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These birds also have a wonderful singing ability and acrobatic flights that will help us to find them even from far. Another distinctive feature of them is the tail which is of the same length as the body.


Image credit: nick ford/Flickr

The whiskered breadcrumbs are superb birds with a beautiful combination of colours and the “mustache”. So keep wishing to witness this amazing bird with your own eyes one day!


Image credit: Radovan Vaclav / Flickr

Source of the information: bird_drangsland/Instagram

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