Bumblebees Who Sleep Deep Inside Flowers With Pollen On Their Abdomens


Bumble bees are the ones who spend the busiest life trying hard to collect pollen for their baskets. Therefore, they soon crawl into flowers and fall asleep.

Not only us, but also the busy bees need to sleep along with good night wishes. In addition to that, they also need a nap during the day too.

Since they are the ones who spend the busiest life trying hard to collect pollen for their baskets, they soon crawl into flowers and fall asleep. They sleep rolled inside with pollen in their hairy abdomens amidst the petals of the flowers.

The hairy look of bumble bees are essential for them to gather food. And also it’s very helpful for pollination. There are a lot of species ranging in different sizes and different coloured bands. Some have orange stripes on them while the others have yellow or white ones running from their heads to the tip of the abdomens.

Although the honey bees have the same appearance with hairy bodies and they do the same task, it’s very sparse when compared with the bumble bees.

Bees napping inside flowers isn’t an unusual thing. Honeybees often work in shifts and they sleep and have naps at their bee hives. However, they’ll stay out if they lose their bearings during the day’s foraging.

As per the ideas of Mr. Brandon Hopkins, a bee researcher at Washington State University, sleep for honey bees is important for them to remember where to gather nectar and pollen.

Most of the male bees stay out during nights as large groups. The main purpose of this is to impregnate a female to replace a dying or an aging queen.

Female bees in the hive are responsible for taking care of the queen. They spend a busy life buzzing all around everyday. They do an essential part in pollination and foraging. They work together with the fellow insects. And also we need to respect and protect these bees who do the greatest job in the world. The entire ecosystem of the world would fail without them.

So try to enjoy the sight of a sleeping bee if you spot one! And also don’t forget to wish them a very good night!

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