Dozens of ‘Extinct’ Animals Discovered Alive in ‘Lost City’ Deep Within Rainforest


The scientists received shocking news due to these amazing discoveries.

A team of specialized conservation scientists has discovered dozens of rare and creatures which were believed endangered once again in the hidden rainforest of Honduras.

This remote place which is known as the “Lost City of the Monkey God” or “White City” situated in the Mosquitia rainforest, is a wonderful example for a place dense with the wild animals which were common across most of the rainforests around the world in ancient days. This rainforest is home for a lot of bat species, reptiles as well as butterflies, the Independent states.

The “ecological SWAT team” from Conservation International’s Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) worked in their three-week journey in 2017, soon after the discovery of the rainforest. This area is considered as one of the least-explored regions. Therefore, the reports on the expedition and the findings on their way were published last year.

The report contained a number of unique and uncommon species by which the ecosystem is full of. The list also contained some familiar names of those which were believed to be extinct.

The tiger beetles, the pale-faced bat, the False Tree Coral Snake are some of the species which were thought as extinct. Apart from them another 22 species were also found in Honduras including the endangered species such as the Great Green Macaw and a livebearing fish that is a new discovery for the scientists.

As a whole the scientists had documented 198 species of birds, 40 of small mammals, 94 butterfly species, 30 species of large mammals such as jaguars, pumas and ocelots and 56 amphibian and reptile species along with a huge variety of fish, insects, rodents and plants.

The director of RAP, Trond Larsen said that they were stunned by their major discovery. During a press release, Larsen stated:

“The ‘White City’ is one of the few areas remaining in Central America where ecological and evolutionary processes remain intact.”

And also he said that the high density of biodiversity in the region’s wildlife has prioritized it for future conservation. Larsen stated:

“One of the main reasons we found such high species richness and abundance of threatened and wide-ranging species (e.g., peccaries) is that the forests around the White City remain pristine, unlike much of the region.

This makes the area a high conservation priority for maintaining the broader landscape connectivity that is essential for the long-term persistence of biodiversity through Central America.”

However, the explorers have expected The White City since a long period as it was believed to be the home to an ancient civilization that inhabited the region in the pre-Columbian era.

However, unfortunately this area which is quite undeveloped and remote has faced a lot of threats from illegal economic activities like deforestation. Deforestation has taken place due to cattle ranching and other human activities. Eventually, the “lost city” was named as a protective area by the President of Honduras in 2005.

Larsen stated:

“And these are areas with no road networks, no logistics or infrastructure to let people get in or let guards in, so it’s very hard to stop what’s happening.

In many cases, this illegal activity is being driven tangentially by drug trafficking, so it’s driven by powerful people with money. That’s the primary threat to the integrity of the forest of the area.”

John Polisar, one among the RAP SWAT team, explained the importance of imposing strong rules to conserve biodiversity in the region. He stated that it would help the long living of the treasurous rare creatures inside it.

“We have been doing field work in the indigenous territories of La Moskitia for 14 years, and this site stood out as being simply gorgeous.

Because of its presently intact forests and fauna the area is of exceptionally high conservation value. It merits energetic and vigilant protection so its beauty and wildlife persist into the future.”

Source of the information: TheMindUnleashed

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