Drone Video Reveals Over 100 Whales Caught In Secret Underwater “Jails”


Approximately 100 cetaceans are kept in a very small place inside a set of tiny bounded yards off Pacific Coast in Russia, close to the southeastern city of Nakhodka.

90 beluga whales and 11 orcas in total are enclosed in the place currently named as “whale jail” by the activists, which has been an illegal act now. As per the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, this is considered to be the highest number of marine creatures being kept in such a way and the investigations are being carried out by the legal officials to check if orcas and belugas are kept illegally in this manner.

Trapped and sold to China

It is evident that these species are captured and displayed commercially. As stated by  telegraph, there are plans to sell off to ocean theme parks in China at an expensive price and an Orca whale is able to captivate more than $6 million in the flourishing ocean theme park industry in adjoining China. Approximately more than 60 million marine parks are in China at present and another dozen or more being in construction.

Government officials are still on the investigations to discover the official truth, if these cetaceans are being captured for scientific or educational purposes, as stated by the companies. (This is in spite of what the video distinctively shows, and there are more than 13 in number which was approved for capture at the beginning of this year.) According to The Greenpeace Russia, these types of activities are “torture” and the prosecutors are in the process of ongoing investigations of the conditions that the creatures are kept in.

The distinctive evidence shows that a number of belugas and orcas seen in the tanks may have their infants too, which does not meet up the requirements for an acceptable limit even if it is for the said scientific or educational purposes.

According to what the experts say, the impact of this is not only disastrous for the cetaceans kept in the tanks but it puts the whole species in danger for the future.

Oganes Targulyan, The research coordinator of Greenpeace Russia stated to The Telegraph, “Catching them at this tempo, we risk losing our entire orca population.”

“The capture quota now is 13 animals a year, but no one is taking into account that at least one orca is killed for every one that is caught.”

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