Here Are 12 Images That Will Amaze You And Make You Say “Wow”


We discover unbelievable natural wonders across the world from the mountain tops and the deepest oceans day by day. Along with these natural wonders there are some phenomena that are unknown for most of us. Here are some striking images that showcase such incidents. The facts that you have never heard of and the pics that you have never even imagined of.

#1 Now, check whether you can see the tiny black spot that is in the upper left corner of the image. This black spot that’s moving around the Sun is the planet Mercury.

120decibel / Via

#2 Did you ever imagine the pacific ocean to be this much huge?

#3 This is what happens when the waves from perpendicular directions encounter each other.

Michel Griffon / CC BY 3.0 / / Via

#4 Have you ever seen the internal look of a turtle?

#5 The look of a piece of wood when observed from an electron microscope.

#6 The real and unusual long legs of some owls.

#7 The Night Sky Petunia, the most suitable name for this alluring flower.

#8 Did you ever wonder how hair flies on those shampoo commercials that you see on TV? Here you see the possible answer for your question.

Twitter: @qikipedia

#9 A strange tree that burns from the inside out.

#10 Oh My God! A huge walrus that is in sleep on the top of a submarine.

Twitter: @qikipedia

#11 Will you believe me if I say that this is just one picture?

#12 Finally, the motor boats fly in the sky.
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