Huge Human Stays Still Unearthed At Alaskan Mound Graveyard


A famous American Zoologist, Ivan T. Sanderson has come out with new information through a  letter which was sent by an engineer named Alan Makshir recently. As per the content of the letter, Alan Makshir was a person who lived in the Aleutian Island of Shemya back in WWII. However he had been tasked to engage in a lot of constructions that gathered a lot of extra attention during that time.

With all these tasks he had made an extremely important discovery while he was demolishing hills to construct a landing hill there.

He had come up with an ancient burial ground while he was on excavation. And finally, there he had come across with some unearthed skeleton parts of a giant human.

The measurements of the giant skull are really amazing. The height from the base to the crown of it is 22 inches and the width of it is about 11 inches approximately. The normal human skull is far too small when compared with this as a normal one is around 8 inches from back to front.

The observations have revealed facts about a double row of teeth and unreasonably flatheads.

Most of the people who are keen about this, suspect the reason for the shape of the head as the ancient practice by the ancient Mayans as well as the ancient people of Peru which necessitated that each growing infant would have his skull squished until it became extended.

Finally the Smithsonian Institute had taken over the project regarding the burial land as soon as Makshir made the discovery and unfortunately, he has never seen the remains after again.

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