ICU Nurses Share Before-and-after Pics of Themselves to Make People Aware On The Pandemic Toll


Before and after photos are a quick simple visual display of the changes that have taken place with the time. Normally, though these are used to show the progress of something or someone, these can also be used to showcase a rapid distressing regress.

This is now getting shared by the US ICU nurses who fight against the third disastrous wave of the Covid-19. The recent stream of before-and-after photos of COVID fights are shared all over Twitter.

The entire sequence started on the 22nd of November with the nurse Kathryn from Nashville, Tennessee ICU uploaded a couple of pics of her on Twitter.

The “before” photo had been taken very recently in April when she graduated from nursing school and started the battle against the pandemic. The before photo is really nice with an optimistic young lady looking forward to helping people.

The “after” photo had been taken on the 21st of November and reveals another story of an exhausted lady who’s dedicated to continue helping people even in danger. The lady who has ignored helping herself: the face looks quite tired with bags under her eyes and obvious marks of the face masks.

The heart-rendering caption of these before-and-after photos – “How it started… How it’s going.”

Kathryn later explained that she shared these photos to make people aware of the ongoing situation of many ICUs across the country.

“It’s exhausting,” she said in an interview conducted via telephone. “People don’t see it. They don’t. They don’t see what we see. They don’t see the reality of this every day.”

Perhaps, some of you might be puzzled by these picture displays of ICU nurses, and that’s obvious. Ten months have passed, yet the infected count in the US as well as around the world goes high in millions. These are the proofs for the ones who think that Covid-19 is a mere hoax.

And that’s the exact reason for Kathryn to share her photos in this way – to show a glimpse of hard work they do in hospitals.

“I mean just the physical effects of wearing all that PPE (personal protective equipment) for so long,” Kathryn said. “We’re dehydrated all the time because we’re sweating so much and because with the masks on, you can’t drink until you leave the floor or go into the break room to take your mask off and drink.”

And with experts expecting another stronger wave of COVID during the holiday season, Kathryn felt this was the perfect moment to make awareness in people in the US as well as the whole world, using these before-and-after pics.

“There’s still no definitive treatment for this disease and so to see my patients, these people that I provide care for, suffer so intensely and then see other people acting like that’s not happening, or like they couldn’t cause that to happen to someone else, is infuriating,” she said.

Thankfully, her attempt to pass the message to the public through her photos received positive feedback plus a lot of reciprocity from the ones who work hard as same as Kathryn across the country. Here are some other before-and-after images of ICU nurses.

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