Image Of Gorilla With Lack Of Pigmentation Shows How Powerful Our Similarities Are


News on similarities between gorillas and humans aren’t so new and peculiar for each of us. As per Wikipedia, human DNAs are approximately 99% similar to the ones of gorillas. They are the closest living relatives of man soon after the bonobos and chimpanzees depending on what is included in their DNAs.

Have you heard some saying that a single picture, though, is worth a thousand words? Here we present you quite an unusual similarity between humans and gorillas. Woah! This shows the strong similarity between both of them. It’s an image of a hand of Anaka, a gorilla. It seems as if her hand lacks pigmentation. Thus, it makes us imagine that her hand resembles the hand of a man.

The pictures that we’re about to show you today are some of Anaka’s snaps that had been taken by the Zoo Atlanta on its birthday on the 30th of August 2019. However, her facebook fans didn’t miss to leave some wonderful wishes on her birthday.

One picture among the rest grabbed the attention of thousands of fans since there was a pink patch on its skin. That significant image amazed everyone. Anyhow, the gorillas have the same opposable thumb as humans do. Additionally, some of the primates possess individual finger and toe-prints that are sometimes used as their identity. And also primates use their nails, to clean and scratch and scrape things.

According to the statements of the Zoo Atlanta, the skin of this gorilla is really unique as her personality. They said that Anaka always barks at her mother and others to get a main chance for food. Apart from that, Anaka is also fond of riding piggyback on her siblings too.

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