Incredible Pics Of Little Harvest Mice Happily Playing In Nature


Even though a harvest mouse only lives for 18 months, its days are jam-packed with activities. It is Europe’s tiniest rodent and the only British animal with a prehensile tail allowing it to grip plant stems as it travels through long foliage. And no photographer has possibly caught these little acrobats as effectively as Dean Mason from Dorset, United Kingdom.

Mason captures these energetic mice as they scamper up slender plant stalks and deftly balance in small flower petals. How do they manage it? Their acrobatic skill stems from their prehensile tail (which aids in balance) and wide feet (which are adapted to climbing). They’ve even developed a partly opposable outer toe that aids in gripping thin stems. Mason believes that their physical skill is only a small portion of what makes them so captivating to shoot. Harvest mice are the ideal models because of their inquisitive attitudes and love of people.

“They make you grin because of their sheer size and demeanor.” Mason said, “It’s an incredible delight to photograph them, however, it’s a challenge since they move so rapidly when they’re active!” Mason is so fond of these tiny creatures that he has built his entire company around them. His photography seminars, Windows on Wildlife, allow people to experience the thrill of capturing interesting animals.

These mice will provide delight to anybody, whether they are cuddling into a dandelion or hanging out in a little clubhouse. And for Mason, that is one of the most rewarding aspects of his job. “I receive a lot of letters and comments from social media followers thanking me for improving their day and making them smile… I can’t ask for much more than that!”

Dean Mason is a wildlife photographer who specialized in photographing harvest mice.

These small and beautiful mice are well-known for their amazing acrobatic climbing abilities.

These mice give infinite entertainment, whether climbing plant stalks or snuggling together in a clubhouse.

Dean Mason: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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