Life-Size Steel Cable Carvings of Emotional Figures Locked in Boxes


Sculptors have used a variety of materials to create sculptural sculptures throughout history. Today’s sculptors use unusual materials such as paper and steel wire.

We’ve discovered an amazing artist who uses stainless steel threads and polymer coating to make remarkable figurative sculptures. Nadia Zubarev, a Siberian artist, who was born in Siberia has been creating life-size sculptural marvels out of steel wires since 2010. Some of her most renowned paintings are now on exhibit at St. Petersburg’s State Russian Museum and the Anna Akhmatova Museum.

Zubareva’s works, which are sewn into metal boxes are frequently influenced by Greek and Roman sculptures. She portrays traditional figures such as Apollo and the Three Graces but she also appears to be influenced by the spirit of dance. Her ballerina, set in a wintry woodland, rests on her toes, while other dancers arch their torsos softly.

Zubareva’s steel wire sculptures are made by stitching steel threads into a metal box. In addition, the metal box acts as the figure’s three-dimensional framing. Each transparent figure appeared to be confined in its cage evoking various emotions as light passed through. We’ve gathered her greatest works so far to demonstrate the artist’s creativity and the limitless possibilities of employing steel wires in artworks.

Each transparent artwork is imprisoned in its habitat, fixed in its enclosures. They are all a part of, but also distinct from, our world. The emotions vary as the light goes through, with each stage of the day bringing up new intriguing shadows. Whether in the gallery or a dramatic setting in nature each figure takes on a graphic aspect that is distinctive of Zubareva’s work.

Nadia Zubareva, a wire sculpture artist molds evocative creatures imprisoned in cages out of steel wires.

Nadia Zubareva: Website

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