Man Looked After His Mother Outside The Hospital Each Single Day Until She Died Of COVID-19


The young man was continuously watching his mother from the moment his mom was hospitalized, after testing corona positive, until her last breath.

As per the 9gag, Jihad Al-Suwati, a Palestinian of 30 years old, has been on the watch of his mother who was hoapitalized in Hebron State Hospital, West Bank, due to Covid-19. He had climbed to her window since he was not permitted to see her every single day at the hospital to make sure that the healthcare is done well by the hospital staff.

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According to the reports of astro Awani, Al-Suwati was the youngest of Rasma Salama’s children. He had climbed up the pipeline of the hospital and been seated by his mother’s window daily for at least four hours.

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The son had wanted to be by the side of his mother who had been struggling with the battle of life against COVID-19 and to make sure that his mother was treated in the best possible way by the treating staff at the hospital. But unfortunately his mother lost his battle last Thursday.

According to a spokesperson of Hebron State Hospital:

“He spent most of his day there, observing his mother’s condition from outside the window, before coming down when he was sure his mother was asleep.”

Al-Suwaiti’s mother had been suffering from leukemia before getting infected by coronavirus according to her reports. And after a few weeks she had been diagnosed positive for coronavirus.

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The young man was totally devastated after getting to know that his mother died of the infection of the virus. As one of his brothers told, he had been so much bound to his mother after the death of his father 15 years ago.

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