People Who Have Good Relationships Don’t Have To Show It To Everyone on Facebook


Once there lived people who never needed someone else’s opinions to validate their lives and they were our grandparents. Even a phone call was very much interesting for our grandparents and they enjoyed the bliss of a simple lifestyle. If you were there back then, the best picture of you and your partner would be hung on the wall. It was the only thing that our old people did to feel special. But now, things have turned a total upside down.

Social media has become a real part of the lives of people and it no longer stands as a virtual world. Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook have become the places that we share important thoughts and memories with the world. The romantic relationships seem to transform worse with the new reality.

Nowadays, people think that they need to share their feelings on social media to make someone feel that he loves her. But, is it true? Aren’t you able to enjoy your partners in silence without any involvement on social media?  Perhaps, your friends and family might say that you’ aren’t committed while some other people might say that you’re cheating on him.

Dating and the concept of official relationships are almost gone. You will only need to post one “loved-up” photo of yourselves on Snapchat or Instagram; and Voila! Your relationship is verified.

You may not see the unnecessity of sharing your personal details about your relationships on social media as it’s the new trend. People feed on social media to get daily updates about your life. They depend on your online status to know if you’re fine. STOP. Just think for a while. Do you need the approval of social media to be a loving person in society?

The Online Approval isn’t needed…

According to the evidence, people who often post on social media seem to suffer from social anxiety and depression. Too much time on Instagram makes you view the interesting part of others’ lives. But, you hardly realize it and thus start feeling pressured to follow the trends. Sometimes, you’d be tempted to purchase some items that are unaffordable to hold onto fake relationships.

Is your life a movie in which you need to explain your actions to the strangers that you meet in your life? A research study reveals that people with happy relationships never care about the pictures visible in their partners’ account. Instead, they focus on spending time with each other to strengthen their love.

And also social media stands as an ideal place to find a partner sometimes. But, they can’t stand each other in reality. Another study on social media said that offline couples are more satisfied and committed than online couples.

Spending more time with your life partner will help you in realizing his or her goal. In addition, you will also be able to understand them and their desires. Try to talk about the goals of lives of your partner and his aspirations. Making your time vacant for listening is essential to the good maintenance of the relationship.

Haven’t you ever experienced the relaxation inside you when you have no worries about painting the perfect picture on social media? You will understand the other important priorities when you become a person who’s rid of online stuff.

The Way to Build Up a Happy And a Long Lasting Relationship:

1. Adjust your schedules to visit the places that both of you love.

It isn’t the fanciest places that you need to go to feel happy in relationships. It is the romantic places that enhance the quality of your relationship with your partner.

You could make the choice while your partner could pick the location now and the next time. Going on trips means spending time together. Perhaps you may not like the same places. But never mind that. The only thing that’s important is the need of spending quality time with your love.

2. Maintain good communication.

Hiding words inside you without talking will never let your partner get to know your feelings. The major reason for most of the relationships to fail is the improper communication. You chose your partner thinking that he’s the perfect match. So, you need to hold on and be frank with him.

You should be comfortable when sharing your feelings with him; Don’t ever think of what your better half would think. Never make a third person to notice your issues in a relationship. Talk it with your partner or else there would misunderstandings in your relationship.

3. Be loyal and honest.

Honesty is the best quality of a long lasting relationship. Lying would sometimes break your partner’s trust in you. Make sure to share true feelings even about your sexual desires, age, finances or even the simple things that you may think doesn’t matter.

4. Be ready to apologize.

All of us haven’t got the same personalities and we come from diverse societies. Thus, no one’s perfect and disagreement of certain things among lovers is not unusual.

Never try to show that you’re right all the time. Understanding is important and you need to apologize when you realize your mistakes. Please accept him if he’s asking you forgiveness.

However, if you think that you’re in a relationship that’s emotionally or physically abusive, then never think twice to leave since there are a lot more better people around you waiting for you.

5. Be proud of your partner and celebrate him.

Do not become jealous of your partner. Never compete with him. Celebrate his achievements, even the simple accomplishments in his life.

Make them feel that their achievements are indeed your achievements. Make them excited. Order a pizza or some glasses of vine instead of organizing an expensive party to celebrate as simple things mean more.


We request you to not get fooled by the comments on social media. One of the studies from the University of St. Mary says that couples who frequently use social media have a high possibility to cheat and to make conflicts. Focus on present without focusing on the perfect social media feed while getting compared with others.

Be with your partner for all his good and bad. Your way of sharing and mutual support is important.

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