Photographer Captures World’s Clearest Image Of The Moon By Merging Phases Into One Image


A photographer has been able to create a wonderful clear image of the craters of the moon. He has succeeded in his effort by merging a lot of individual parts of the moon into one image.


Andrew McCarthy combined a thousand photos to get a perfect picture of a moon which is quite clearer than the other usual pictures of it.

Andrew gave his try to capture the moon at the lunar terminator. Lunar terminator is the line which is between the dark and the light sides of the moon. Therefore, Andrew was able to complete his work in a great way with a superb contrast and clarity.

Andrew McCarthy/SWNS

Andrew stated:

From two weeks of images of the waxing moon, I took the section of the picture that has the most contrast (right before the lunar terminator where shadows are the longest), aligned and blended them to show the rich texture across the entire surface.

Actually, it was hard work for me as the moon doesn’t line up day over day. Therefore, I had to map each single image into a 3D sphere. And also I was concerned about adjusting the pictures to make sure that they are well aligned.

Andrew has taken the initial snapshots of the moon using an edgeHD 800 and an ASI1600MM.

Andrew McCarthy/SWNS
Andrew McCarthy/SWNS
Andrew McCarthy/SWNS
Andrew McCarthy/SWNS

Source of the information: 9GAG

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