Powerful Images Of Car Crash Survivors Reveal The Lifesaving Ability Of Seatbelts


Seatbelts in a vehicle are set for the safety of the ones who go in it. But, still there are people who face severe accidents just because of not wearing the seat belts properly. According to the reports 90 New Zealenders die from accidents due to not wearing the seatbelts. However, as said from the NHTSA, this number is rather high in the United States and it’s 2,500 approximately. The New Zealand Transport Agency along with Clemenger had organized a campaign relying on the people who survived the critical accidents due to seatbelts.

According to the statistics, most of the young men are less attentive on wearing seatbelts. The organizers chose 10 young men of New Zealand who saved their lives due to paying attention to this safety measure. A national call for the car crash survivors was done partnering with VICE. All the participants had to tell their story in front of others. However, only ten were selected out of the huge count.

FX makeup team PROFX was able to recreate the crash injuries of these young men using the post-crash photographs. The next, the production team had photographed all of them at their homes. The wounds were there in the body as badges of honour. It’s true that these injuries look gruesome, but the alternatives had been much worse. One of the guys named Liam had to undergo a coma soon after he met with an accident with a truck near his home. Fortunately, he was able to return to life to see the birth of his daughter. And also the guy named Dion was able to walk away with a small number of scratches as the car slid into a ditch due to wet conditions.

By the way, print ads are being attached in the hometowns of each guy to make the public aware of wearing the seat belts in order to save their lives. This is done to make it a necessity. If you’re interested in getting to know about the dangerous experiences, visit the Belted Survivors website. The ultimate hope of this campaign was to make the other young ones understand the important reason for their peers to survive. “You can’t argue with these stories. They’re real experiences, lived by real people,” said Clemenger BBDO Wellington ECD Brigid Alkema. “We hope this truth will move our audience to wear their seatbelt.”

Car crash survivors who saved their lives due to the sake of the seatbelts have moved forward to reveal their stories.


The aim of the campaign which was organized by the New Zealand Transport Agency was to make people more attentive on using seat belts.

James M.

Source of the information: My Modern Met

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