Science Reveals That Dogs Can Smell Bad People


As it is hinted by the title, there has been proof to say that the dogs are able to assess the whole character of a person by the little ques that they leave off behind them.

The dog was directed towards a bowl full of treats by the owner, as the initial experiment of this. By confirming all our guesses, the dog ran over to the bowl to eat. Afterward, even though the bowl was empty, the dog used to approach it but stared into it blankly in the same way how dogs behave.

The next time, the dog was pointed towards the bowl full of food which had been popping out by the same person but the dog didn’t approach the bowl. The reason for this is that it remembered that it was cheated before therefore the person had been assessed as a bad person.

The second experiment was more serious since they showed Akiko Takaoka’s study which had been conducted at the University of Kyoto, Japan. This is the incident in which the dog got a treat from a person who acted to be nice and gentle with its master.

As the next part of the second experiment, the man acts to be violent and rude and then offers the same treat just like in the previous occasion.

Even though the treat was in the person’s hands, the dog wouldn’t approach them since it assessed the person to be untrustworthy and bad.

In this way we can assume that the dogs are able to easily go through, while we have problems on a daily basis. This can produce very interesting results.

Source of the information: Youtube.

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