Side-By-Side Pics Shows The Saddening Difference Between The Western World And The War-Torn Middle East


In a single shot, artist Uğur Gallenkuş depicts two worlds. He juxtaposes two photos, one of the Western world and the other of the Middle East to show how, although sharing the same globe, these areas are worlds apart.

“I live in Turkey which happens to be right next door to one of the world’s most dangerous regions,” says Gallenkuş. He was motivated to make the continuous series of sorrowful collages by the disparity he perceives between images in the West and the Middle East.

The accompanying images depict the political situation and lifestyles in the two regions. Gallenkuş is fascinated by the West’s perceived opulence, overindulgence, and commercialization. He places a luxury bathroom complete with a costly chandelier next to a father washing his two children in one college. The kids, however, are sitting in the ruins of a bathroom rather than enjoying fun in bubbles. There is wreckage all around them (probably from a war-related blast), and the room’s wall has been torn aside. Other sunken constructions can be found beyond where they bathe.

Gallenkuş isn’t the only artist to use split pictures to convey the atrocities and agony that people in the Middle East are going through. We had a conversation with him earlier this year about his mind-blowing digital collages.

Uğur Gallenkuş, a digital collage artist, draws a contrast between Western society and the atrocities that people in the Middle East are witnessing.

Uğur Gallenkuş: Instagram | Twitter

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