Striking Animation Short Movie Depicts A Warning Remake Of Plastic Waste As Aquatic Life


The accumulation of plastic in our oceans and on our beaches has turned into a worldwide problem. Hundreds of billions of pounds of plastic may be discovered in whirling convergences that cover over 40% of the world’s oceans. Plastic is anticipated to exceed all fish in the oceans by 2050 if present trends continue.

Wildlife suffers directly and fatally as a result of plastic pollution. Each year, thousands of seabirds, sea turtles, seals, and other marine animals die as a result of consuming or being entangled in plastic.

As the ecosystem continues to be ravaged by human use and misuse, plastic trash is a growing source of worry. It is responsible for the deaths of up to a million seabirds each year. Seabirds, like sea turtles, absorb plastic, which takes up space in their stomachs and can lead to hunger. The shocking effect of plastic pollution in the water is a particularly onerous challenge to be reckoned with—one that we would prefer to brush under the rug and forget about at times.

Director Pascal Schelbli takes the audience on a voyage through the water in his poignant award-winning animated short film The Beauty, forcing them to confront this truth. Although the picture opens in a sea of surreal beauty, it rapidly descends into a virtual nightmare. As the eye is both charmed and repulsed by The Beauty’s “simultaneously exquisite and disgusting” sights, the curtain is pulled back on our conformity.

Schelbli reimagines plastic waste as a seamless part of ocean ecosystems, and the metamorphosis is first fairly convincing. A rubber tire eel slithers along with the coral, while a bubble wrap blowfish blows out its plastic bosom, all thanks to discarded flip flops. However, as the film progresses, less attempt is taken to conceal the monsters’ real nature. Plastic whales with bottle cap noses swim in the ocean abandoned cutlery litter the ocean floor as reefs and plastic bags float like jellyfish. The illusionary bubble that attracted us into this strange universe bursts shortly. Despite this, Schelbli manages to convey the message while also emphasizing the extraordinary beauty of a world in desperate need of help.

“Instead of depicting another somber stomach full of trash bags, I thought, ‘What if plastic might be merged into marine life, and nature fixes the problem?'” said Schelbli. “The video should send you on a journey where all of our guilt sentiments go away. But, in the end, we wake up and understand that something needs to be changed.”

More of Pascal Schelbli’s work may be seen on his Vimeo page. Keep up with the director’s current work by following him on Instagram.

The Beauty, a captivating short film by Pascal Schelbli, examines the devastating impact of plastic waste on the ocean. Check it out!

Pascal Schelbli: Website | Instagram | Vimeo
H/t: [Colossal]

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