The Closest Relative To The Extinct Dodo Bird Is Covered In Brilliant Plumage

Photo credit: Allen Chang

It was determined that the extinct dodo bird species belong to the dove and pigeon family. According to the proof provided, there are some more relatives of the dodos still living in the present world, of course it’s the Nicobar pigeon..

Although these two species are not much alike, the Nicobar pigeon stands as the closest relation to Dodo, the flightless bird. The Nicobar Pigeon’s vibrant plumage in the copper, green and blue colors and the small white tail plus the reddish legs are the most noted differences between both.   However, these attractive characteristics have been developed due to the location of these birds. Perhaps, it’s because of the lack of natural predators due to their isolation in small islands. As there’s no need for them to conceal, they have received the colorful feathers.

These Nicobar pigeons are usually seen in the Pacific and Southeast Asia. Mostly, they were seen in the Indian Nicobar Islands eastward to countries such as Papua New Guinea and Thailand. Yet, the exact population is unknown. And also, the survival of non-native animals like cats and rats have made the pigeons to be under the list of near threatened creatures. Fortunately, efforts for conservation have made these birds thrive again.

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