The Mystical and Incredible Pitaya Flower Only Blooms for a Single Night


Pitaya flowers are familiar to most of us, but how much do we know about them? These luminous Pitaya flowers shine in the dark due to their yellow depths and white feathery petals. But these flowers close up at dawn. The dragon fruit or the pitaya develops once the flower fades after pollination.  

Many plants of Hylocereus species have a Latin American (probably from Colombia and Colombia) origin. Several plants of this species likely originated from the West Indies. But, by now these plant species have been distributed in subtropical as well as tropical areas around the world. H. undatus is considered as the most common one out of them. This species has a great demand as a commercial crop in Malaysia, Australia, Israel, China, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia and Taiwan. Nearly 16 plant species of Hylocereus have a main ornamental value due to the attractive and large flowers of them. Usually, these Pitaya flowers which bloom at night have creamy-white petals while some among them bloom with rose-red and red petals in them. 

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