The Silver-Eared Mesia Is A Striking Bird Created With The Perfect Blend Of Autumnal Colors


Hope you are familiar with the fact that the plumage of most of the birds is covered with a blend of vibrant colours. So today, we found details on one such particular eye-catching bird. Red and gold along with muted greens of the Silver-Eared Mesia create an autumn vibe in the minds of the spectators.

These birds are seen all around Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. They often prefer living in the tropical forests in Southern China. Migration of them can be seen during the winter season.

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Similar to the rest of the animals, these birds too have different appearances based on their gender. Females are yellow in colour while the male birds have throats of red mixed orange. The designs vary between olive and grey and also the ratio of red and grey in their wings.

The researchers expect at least seven subspecies to exist depending on the variations of patterns. Fruits and insects are the main food in their diets. A huge population of them can be seen in places like Hong Kong where the pet trade is out of society.

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Nature becomes so eye-catching with the existence of natural elements of it. Creating changes in nature is not that perfect. We have to leave nature as it is.

What did you get in your mind when you see the alluring photographs of these birds? Please comment and share the article with your loved ones too.

Source of the information: Be Your Own Birder

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