The Snap Of A Little Owl Was Captured Hiding From Rain Under A Mushroom


Are you interested in watching the most adorable images of the week? If so, this little owl which hid itself under the umbrella of a mushroom would definitely make your heart melt.

Owls are usually considered as strange and amazing, yet their cuteness is unbelievable which you cannot ever think of.

Poldi, The Petite Owl

Poldi is a handsome little boy who is about 1.5 years old and is owned by Tanja Brandt as one of her pets. Tanja had got Poldi when it was 5 months and according to her he was the last of the 7 owls in the hatch which didn’t want to come out. Fortunately, he came out gradually making us blessed with his presence. Anyway, he was so much smaller than his six elder sisters. He is still so small and hasn’t grown to the full size and remains to be a petite little baby.

Some other pets of Tanja

Tanja has few other owl pets as well, since she loves to have pets around her. She has Gandalf; a white faced owl, Phoenix; a Harris Hawk, Uschi: a snow owl and Ingo: a Malinois shepherd. She also loves to capture the photos of these lovely pets too.

“I’ve always loved animals, since I was a baby, unlike the rest of my family. When I was little, I found every sort of pet and then hid it from my parents. I love the beauty, power, loyalty, courage, and friendship of animals. Many people could learn from them.”

Owl And The Dog: Friends Forever

“I never thought an owl and a dog could be best friends, but Poldi and Ingo demonstrate otherwise. The unlikely friendship is truly a beautiful thing. Since Poldi is so small, he is very vulnerable to everything around him – and Ingo has gladly taken on the role of being Poldi’s protector. They respect each other and they can read each other.” Brandt says. “[Poldi the owl] doesn’t know how to live free”.

Having her companion of true relationship for protection is the luck of Poldi.

Tanja Brandt Photography

Tanja Brandt from Germany is so much interested in her pets as she loves to photograph them either by themselves or their interactions.

“I think my animals like to be photographed. Why? Because I am always outside with my camera and with my animals. So we get to walk together, have fun, go on adventures, have little breaks… We take some pictures and after the animals can play again as we keep going. I know my animals very well and I can see their state of mind. If I go out with just one of my animals, the other gets antsy and wants to be with us. We have a lot of fun together.”

If you are interested in watching more of these stunning images, you can do so by logging into Tanja’s website. You’re to surely enjoy them with a heart filled with love and delight.

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