The Strange Natives of Hunza Valley Who Stay Alive Up to 145 Years


If you have no idea about the inhabitants of the Hunza people, they are the ones who live in the Hunza Valley. It’s an area known to be independent but belongs to Pakistan when we speak. The borders of Hunza Valley are Russia, Afghanistan, China, and India.

These Hunza people are also known to be the descendants of the soldiers under Alexander the Great who came to India.

There is no one with the ability to prove or disprove this fact. But the language which they speak is the one that was used by the Persian Empire at that period of time. This language is a mix of ancient Macedonian and Hellenistic which is known as Burushaski, which gives us no other option but to believe their theory.

The cause which made these Hunza Valley people notable is that they live up to a long period of time and that is 145 years, but the main reasons they live up a long life is what they eat and the tasks that they do during their lifetime.

Most of them are vegetarians, but they have no choice but to eat meat during the winter because they cannot find green during that time.

Hunza people are known to be super natural by many, but their long life can be explained with examples of Science. Everyone likes to eat meat. But if we consume more than the amount which we need, it will lead to many diseases.

Hunza people live in a tough environment and their bodies have become used to living in that type of environment which has given them the opportunity to live longer.

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