These Elegant Birds Are The Living Representations Of Spring Colors


It’s hard to hate and ignore birds even though they steal our fries, poop on our vehicles, and horde twigs by our window sills all the time. You will surely feel empty and sad without the tweets and flutterings plus the chirping sounds of birds.

And also, their beauty is another enchanting feature. They look really pretty. And sometimes, gorgeous!

By this, I didn’t mean the common dove, peacock, or the lorikeets. Some other wild birds are in the next level to them. As an example, consider the Lilac-Breasted Roller (Coracias caudatus). It has the most attractive lilac-colored feathers that you’d ever see in life.

There are some more striking attributes of the bird than the pretty feathers. 

This bird isn’t at all a single colored edition. It’s a common combination of colors. There are two subspecies for it. But, they aren’t carbon copies of each other. It is the Lilac-breasted Roller which has the distinctly largest amount of Lilac. It inhabits Central Kenya to northern parts of South Africa.

Both the females and males look identical in an outward look. Sexual dimorphism isn’t present meaning these fabulous color combinations aren’t gender-exclusive!

The other cousin species or the lilac-throated rollers from western Somalia and northeastern Kenya too are pretty.

The entire scientific name of the former bird is Coracias caudatus caudatus while the latter one is Coracias caudatus lorti. Both the groups belong to the Coraciidae family and perform a fantastic job with the pretty color blends.

There’s a large variation based on several colors like lilac, black, red, green, brown, and turquoise. Nature has created an amazing field with these birds’ natural colors.

However, the Lilac-throated Roller and the Lilac-breasted cousin were identified as two distinct species at the beginning. But, by now, they’ve understood that both of them are subspecies of Coracias caudatus (hence the three-part scientific names!).

Learning about biodiversity isn’t merely Science. It has a lot of fun and hidden interest in it. The subject becomes cuter when more color is added.

We, the mammals, are about to get our count up soon.

Perhaps, you know that the total count of living bird species is around 10,000 and the living mammal count is around 6,399. Isn’t the bird count a lot more than the mammal count? The accurate number is closer to 18,000 at present.

The family of the Lilac-throated rollers Coraciidae, is known as “rollers” due to their habit of spinning, rolling, and twirling. Some of them are feathery acrobats while some are mini models.

There are some more colorful bird cousins too.

Colors run in the whole family of Coraciidae. The Indian rollers have stylish Turquoise and beige feathers. The meals consist of arachnids, insects, and occasional snakes. The following bird is another Lilac-breasted Roller.

Another type is the Indochinese Roller, which has a striking plumage of Prussian Blue. Don’t you think that our wardrobes could use some inspiration?

Sure beats wearing denim jeans and plain T-shirts every day.

Now, aren’t you interested in looking at a roller in the wild? If so, Southeast Asia and African warm regions are the best locations for you! You might surely spot them while they wait for bugs, frogs, or snakes for meals. Yes, of course, they are sharp little hunters.

Learning how diverse nature is, is very important for existence. Especially, when the inhabitants of nature are overshadowed by the popular creatures. Anyhow, you are now aware of the fashion family of birds that seem to come out as color models.

How did you feel about these amazing and colorful birds? Comment and join the conversation.

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