This Photographer Immortalized the Native People of Siberia in Strong and Profound Shots


At present, each corner of the world has become accessible to anyone. But still there are some places as well as communities that remain out of the limelight. We get to know these things only if we come into contact with distant cultures and people that are different from the ones that we see generally.

This diversity is the feature that makes the world more wonderful. It is a constant source of enrichment. It guides the work of people. People document this diversity. One such person is Alexandre Khimushin. He is a professional photographer who travels the world starving for the slowly disappearing cultures and people. Are you ready to go on a trip to Siberia with Alexandre Khimushin? Here we go!


Image credit: The World in Faces, Siberia

He is the person who took the initiative to draw others’ attention towards the ethnic minorities through photography. He is the author of The World in Faces project. Representatives of distant cultures have become less due to modernization and globalization.


Image credit: The World in Faces, Siberia

Different faces of shots of this photographer have managed to express a lot of special things about customs and cultures that fascinate the viewers. These shots truly bring unique messages of peace.


Image credit: The World in Faces, Siberia

These Siberian photos are the results of travel for months and months, thousands of miles. Khimushin put a great effort to reach the inhabitants of these inaccessible places.


Image credit: The World in Faces, Siberia

Alexander Khimushin travelled a long way from Lake Baikal to the Sea of ​​Japan. His intention was to visit the places where the people of less minorities live. The ones who horror their origin almost all the time.


Image credit: The World in Faces, Siberia

We can see the faces of the people who live in the coldest regions in the world. Eg: Sakha. Such a girl who is featured wearing a typical wedding dress with a mask can be seen in this gallery.


Image credit: The World in Faces, Siberia

You will also be able to see nomadic children, reindeer, the elderly of the Evenki tribe and a man Nivkhi. And also there are some photos of the people who’ve been in remote regions that can only be reached by helicopter during the winter season.


Image credit: Alexander Khimushin/Facebook

These images are only a very few out of the people he experienced throughout his travels. His work, The World in Faces, consists of a great collection of forty different ethnic groups in Siberia. Most of these groups are threatened for survival.


Image credit: The World in Faces, Siberia

You will surely be mesmerized by their smiles, faces as well as traditional clothing. All these reveal a different type of a story about their lifestyle.


Image credit: The World in Faces, Siberia

Alexander Khimushin’s work is absolutely commendable. They are meaningful. His works make everyone aware of the diversity of the population of the world. He helps the rest to understand that there are some kinds of traditional things that can surprise them in a real way.


Image credit: The World in Faces, Siberia

Sources of the information: The World in Faces | Alexander Khimushin | theworldinfaces

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