Two Gigantic Sea Lions Have ‘Borrowed’ Someone’s Boat


When Joshua Phillips  was on a boat ride on Puget Sound off the coast of Washington he saw something very peculiar…. A pair of sea lions too were engaged in what he was doing.

During a swim, these two gigantic sea mammals thought to give a rest to their flippers by borrowing somebody’s quite small boat to lie on the top of. Actually that boat design was unable to hold such massive passengers.

Even though there was a doubt on the ownership of the boat, or the duration of their ride, this peculiar sight of the massive size of the sea lions brings a novel experience for the viewers.

Astonished Phillips caught the scene on camera:

Sea lions are able to reach a weight of a shocking 2,500 pounds and reach lengths of 11 feet. A funny sight to float on the vessel, but actually to sink it.

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