UK’s Biggest Bird Of Prey Comes Back To Airspace In England For First Time In 240 Years


An incredible bird named white-tailed eagle which was thought to be extinct has returned to the airspace of the UK recently.

This specific bird type has a huge wingspan of 2.5 metres. Therefore they have been able to mark their domination as the biggest bird of prey in the UK. However, they disappeared from the UK in 1780 and were sighted in Scotland until 1916.

Credit: PA

Reintroduction of the bird species called Sea Eagles to the UK were also done by the group made by the combination of Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation and Forestry England.

Along with all these, another group was released to the Isle of Wight last year with trackers fixed on them. The conservationists kept their eyes on them to observe how they were doing.

The birds were seen living a sedentary life during the winter season. But according to the Mirror reports, data from the GPS has shown that the birds have already flown for Norfolk, Somerset and Kent and some other areas in England as soon as the weather has heated up.

As per the statements of the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation: “There have been a large number of sightings in spring 2020 which relate to birds released on the Isle of Wight.”

Credit: PA

By the way the foundation is expecting someone who spots the bird to capture some perfect shots of it. The photographs are requested to be sent to their official website using a special form.

The observations reveal that the white tailed-eagle has yellow coloured talons, beak and legs along with a white tail ridged with black as in the name.

The Roy Dennis Foundation shared with the Mirror: “They are known to explore widely in their first two years before returning to their natural area to breed. There’s a chance of seeing one wherever you live so keep looking up, but please stay home and stay safe.”

Credit: PA

The reintroduction process of these eagles were not warmly welcomed by all the people as most of the farmers are very much concerned about the threat to their livestock in the farms.

These significant eagle species are named as animals under protection. Thus injuring, killing these creatures, damaging or destroying the eggs or nests are considered to be an offence and are totally prohibited. The ones who don’t obey the rules will be fined up to £5,000 ($6,200) or prisoned for six months.

Click here and try to find more facts and have some more images of these white-tailed eagle species.

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