Unusual Pink Dwarf Bulldog Called “Milkshake” Is One Of Less Than 100 In The World


Get ready for some cuteness overburden! You are sure to love puppies and pugs but mostly the one we are going to introduce now will definitely melt your heart!

This 17 – month old puppy which was born with cute blue eyes and an unimaginable cute face is really pretty! It has blush pink fur and skin which is very uncommon and less pigmentation it has received from an albino pug from its ancestry.

These pink pugs are with a curled tail, small cute paws, a short-muzzled face and a very lovable pink nose, and blonde fur along with pale skin.

Maria, a marketing manager from London who was 33, was amazed at the first sight of him and the three brothers together and decided that they would definitely be best friends.

When the puppy was ten weeks, she named him Milkshake. At present Milkshake is an instagram celebrity which has gained approximately 80K followers.

People all over the world have fallen in love with Milkshake after Maria sharing some enjoyable images of him on instagram, and now he has become the most popular pink pug worldwide!

According to Maria most of the people write to her “saying they’d had a bad day and seeing Milkshake really cheered them up which encouraged me to post more.”

Furthermore, some of the fans of Milkshake have had personal visits and are now spellbound by him. According to her she had not known about pink pugs earlier but she had wanted to buy it as soon as she had spotted it.

At the time she had bought it there had been only 30 of them including Milkshake, “one of 30 in the world”, “but there have been a few litters. There’s no more than 100 worldwide,” she continued.

According to her pug milkshake is not an albino and it is only an effect of his color, therefore it does not suffer from sight loss or hearing loss as albinos and also does not suffer from any type of skin cancer.

Milkshake, who is always friendly, quirky and very naughty spends time playfully with Maria. Both of them go to Maria’s office meetings together and also go to the dog spa every week. Maria dresses Milkshake for snapshots and treats him with delicious chicken.

Milkshake participates in national dog shows under the training of professional dog trainers. Most probably Milkshake will be in some advert or a movie in time to come.

All of us are eagerly waiting to see him!

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