VIDEO: Penguins Take Their Selfies After Finding Camera In Antarctica By Chance


Penguin Selfie Captured in Antarctica

The expeditioner Eddie Gault set his camera in Antarctica with the intention to get some wonderful penguin footage. However, he would have never thought of getting a penguin selfie on his camera at all!

An Australian named Gault visited Auster Rookery which is a breeding ground for Emperor penguins. As soon as he placed his camera on the ground, a group of penguins waddled over it at once!

You’ll see a penguin’s feet reaching the camera until it knocks on it. Then you’ll be able to see a penguin face from above. Then next another Emperor penguin looks over it. Then both of them lean down to find what the camera is! Finally, this scene appears as a selfie of both of them!

Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguins are the largest type of penguins among all. They are about 45 inches in height and about 88 pounds in weight. The lifespan of them in their natural habitat is between 15 to 20 years.

These penguins are adapted to live in harsh conditions such as very low temperatures as -76°F. The body of these penguins have adapted to these types of climates. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t work together to stay warm to survive. Huddling together is a habit of theirs in order to be warm and avoid winds. These penguins coordinate very well so that they take chances spending time in the warmth of the inner circle. The penguin which has already warmed up itself moves outside the huddle in order to give another one a chance.

The breeding season of them falls in the winter season and the female penguins leave right away for a two-month hunting trip as soon as they lay the eggs. Females walk about 50 miles to the open ocean to feed during this hunting trip. It’s the responsibility of males to take care of the eggs when the females are out. Males cover the eggs with a flap of skin called a brood patch to keep the eggs warm.

Then at the end, the females return with regurgitated food for the chicks. Then the males who stayed without food for a two month period when the females are away, start their journey to hunt. When the males are out for their food, the females take care of the chicks in their brood pouches until the spring season.

Auster Rookery

Auster Rookery, the breeding place of penguins which I stated earlier is situated near Mawson Station and it’s one of the Antarctic research stations in Australia. A group of researchers from Mawson had gone on a visit to Auster Rookery in 2018. Then an electrician named Trent Nichols recorded the experience of their visit on the website of the Australian Antarctic Division.

As soon as they reached the rookery, Nichols said, walking through “an iceberg alleyway”. He stated, “the icebergs are taller than city buildings, like canyons with rows of penguins traveling in single file in and out of the rookery.”

Nichols spotted a crowd of both adult and chick Emperor penguins as soon as they emerged from the alleyway and went to the open space of the rookery which is totally covered by the icebergs.

This incident was magical for Nichols and his peers. Nichols has also included some of the photos taken during this visit to the web. And also Nichols wrote, “You don’t need to be a professional photographer, or have state-of-the-art camera gear, to capture a beautiful, Nat Geo type image here: just point, shoot and capture whatever is in front of you.” Keep in touch. Perhaps you’d be able to capture a penguin selfie from your camera too.

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