We Don’t Meet Anyone By Coincidence – The 7 Types Of Cosmic Relationships


There are various types of people in this entire world. Most of them can be grouped within a few minutes if we think about them in cosmic levels. All of us are meant to give or obtain something from the people with whom we have connections or the ones whom we have come across throughout our lives.

The universe will never put anyone before you if you were not meant to meet. Even the people who are meant to be with you will be present at the worst moments too. Be aware about all the good and bad events in your life and know that you are never going to be given with more than you can manage!

7 Types of People The Universe Will Direct Towards Your Way:

1. The people who break your heart

These are the ones who bring utmost pain for us. They make us feel as if we’re on an edge of a tall building which is on the top of the world. They break our hearts in more ways than we expect. However, all their heart breaking actions would teach us hard lessons in life. The lesson might differ from one person to another. Each might have something new inside their store.

Do not jump in to assume this alright because they give hard lessons for you to change the path of your life. Perhaps, you might wish you had never met them in your life as they are too negative towards you. The pain they give you, may be too much for you. But, remember this pain is what’s going to make you a better person one day. Do not ever obsess over it. Instead, try to correct your mistakes.

2. The Eternals

Eternals are the people who come and brighten up your life. They’ll give you all the support you need. They become the most loved ones. They become family members or lasting friends who will never go away. They’ll always be there for you whenever you need them and the universe ties them to bring comfort for you.

Eternals understand and accept your wishes at any instance. They’ll be by your side during both good and bad times. The bonds with them would never fade away. They’ll give you the backing you need. But, remember this type of people are far and few.

3. The Runners

These people are the ones who have the ability to change you within a short period. They make quick changes within you. These changes might be positive as well as negative. Even though they change you, they will not stick around for long. Their departure would make you feel lonely. You’ll realize that they’ve already occupied some space in your life.

The best thing is to learn to let go of them. The pain which you get in such a situation is different from the pain you get when the heartbreaker comes around or chooses to leave. This will be a much cleaner cut.

4. The Reminders

They will come into your life to remind you of something. Some of them will stitch by your side while some will be there only for a moment. The reminders would give you simple pointers to remind things that you had been forgetting. These types of people often go overlooked.

5. The Teachers

They will come into your life to teach you some important lessons. They always have something ready for you. They always motivate you to accept yourself and to go ahead. The teachers have the ability to make vast changes in our lives.

6. The Learners

They are the ones who learn things from us. I hope you realized that we needn’t always be the ones who learn. We have to be teachers in some instances of our lives. During such instances, we continue with our actions without realizing that it teaches something that really shapes the life of someone. We’ll be able to make a big difference than we expected.

7. The empowerers

Empowerers are the people who push you towards your success. They struggle to lead our ways towards what we want to be. Empowerers come to your life at the perfect time. They inspire you. They’ll make you feel that you can handle anything you put in your mind. Empowerers make us feel that there’s someone who believes in us. Of course this is an experience which all of us deserve in our lives.

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