When She Is Gone, You Will Realize Your Mom Was Your One And Only Real Friend


Even though many people say that, we as parents shouldn’t be friendly with our own children, it does not mean perfect.  Your mom will be your best friend if you maintain a positive relationship with her even though you grow up to be an adult or be young, it will remain the same.

Actually you will not realize at the moment or in another few years, but when she is no more in this world, you will definitely feel your best friend more and more. My relationship with my mom is simply the most valuable in my world and some may think it as weird but if your relationship is positive, you are able to understand what I am talking about.

When I grew older both of us became closer to each other. There were certain things that I was afraid to talk about. But now they have become the words of share. Both of us are clearly open and honest to each other and at the utmost care for each other which is never comparable by any other. I always remember how much trouble I gave her when I was young and I have now apologised for them.

I know exactly that she is the only person that I can rely on even in the middle of the night if I need her. Her love for me is unconditional and my love for her is unconditional too. I have kept her awake at night without exactly feeling how hard she was worrying about me and no other people may worry genuinely like my mom. I will never trade my mom for the world’s best treasure.

When our mother leaves us forever, we will definitely feel the loss of her and no one will be able to fill that gap, so be mindful enough to understand the person who gave your birth to see this world and give her the best. The person within you is brought to the world by her by carrying out through the ups and downs in life in order to bring about a smile on your face.

She was by your side when you broke up, when you fell off the bike and at every moment she was needed by you at a distance of just a call away. She has always been there to help you at all your struggles and a little acknowledgement is deserved.

Your mom should be considered the best friend of yours above all. She is not the girl you meet at the roadside or a colleague at work who will leave you when you need her most. She is the only treasure which has been at your side even if you treat her badly and make everything easy for you in life. Even though she is not the same woman after so many years but she is still there for you with the same perfect love and care until the last breath of hers and even into the afterlife.

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